Automatic Wood Pallet Block Cutting Machine

  • Motor Power:5.5kw
  • Speed: 2800rpm
  • Efficiency: 1800pcs
  • Dia.of blade: 400mm
  • Price Range$1950.00 to $2350.00 
  • Application :Wood block cutting machine is used for cutting wood strips to wood block.

Product Description

Automatic wood block cutting machine is used to cut the long blocks(1m or 1.2m) into small pieces,the cutting height could be adjusted and it need to be matched with air compressor to work.

The equipment can be used for the automatic cutting of the multi – plate foot pier, the square of the wood, and the length of the cutting can be adjusted, and the 100*100mm can be realized under the same specifications. The equipment has simple structure, simple operation, high efficiency, cutting 1800-2000 per hour. Cut out the shavings foot pier block section smooth,he whole cutting process of artificial touch operation to cutting saw blade, so the use is very safe.

The development of the equipment market has broad prospects, in line with the national industrial development policy, has become the wood products enterprise equipment upgrading and wood processing factory is favored by the preferred safety equipment.

End Products

Product Parameters

Product Name
Wood block cutter machine
wood board pallet stringer
Wooden Case

Features of Wood Pallet Block Cutting Machine

  • High precision : totally vertical, smoothly for intersecting surface
  • High efficient: cut blocks in 1800pcs/h, can work in 24h.
  • Easy operation: 1 worker can handle
  • Low cost: low waste in cutting lose.
  • Size adjustment: Can cut different size of block.
  • Safety: worker no touch to saw in whole process
  • Small occupied area: <2m³

Real Photos

Application of automatic wood block cutting machine

Wood block cutting machine is used for cutting wood strips to wood block. And the pallet block is used to make the wood pallet base, which is for the transportation or storage pallet. Besides, the final pallet block could get the E1 grade. While, the pallet block could be solid without hole in the center, and also could be hollow.

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