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17 Years Woodworking Machine Manufacturer –Your Reliable Partner

17 Years Woodworking Machine Manufacturer –Your Reliable Partner

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Wood Pallet Production Line

Compressed Wood Pallet Machine 302
Compressed Wood Sawdust Pallet Making Machine
European Wood Pallet Nailing Machine 101
Automatic Wood Pallet Nailing Machine For Sale
Double Head Pallet Block Machine 202 1
Wood Sawdust Pallet Block Making Machine

Wood Board Veneer Press Line

5 layers Veneer Hydraulic Hot Press Machine 00301
Wood Door Panel Veneer Hydraulic Hot Press Machine
Short Cycle Melamine Lamination Hot Press Machine 202
Short Cycle Melamine Lamination Hot Press Machine
HF Edge Glue Board Press Wood Board Joining Machine 201
High Frequency Wood Board Edge Glue Joining Press Machine

Wood Saw Production Line

Optimizing Cross Cut Saw 204
CNC Automatic Optimizing Cut Off Saw For Wood
log rip saw 501
Round Log Multi Rip Saw Machine
Plank Multi Rip Saw 204
Wood Plank Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine

Woodworking Production Solutions

As a leading woodworking machine manufacturer in China, CHRYSO can provide professional woodworking production solutions to meet various requirements.

Automatic Wood Pallet Nailing Machine

An automatic wood pallet nailing machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the manufacturing process of wooden pallets. It automates the nailing process, making it faster, more efficient, and requiring less manual labor.

Auto pallet nailing machine is equipped with the finished pallet reversing and picking device, which has high automation degree, smooth and tight process flow, and can be equipped with automatic pallet stacking machine and one-stop nailing and stacking production.

Auto pallet nailing machine adopts fully automatic program, and the operating system adopts imported PLC control, the touch screen is simple to operate, with convenient control, and accurate nailing position. Compared with the domestic conventional production process, auto pallet nailing machine is with multiple processes are completed at one time, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

European pallets & American pallets 

The European pallet is made of wooden boards and wooden piers. It is a standard pallet in Europe and is commonly known as the “Euro pallet.” It is characterized by a four-sided fork and easy to use, but the structure is complex and the overall firmness is second only to the American pallet.

American pallet (longitudinal beam pallet) is a standard pallet common in North America, so it is also called “American pallet”. The pallet has simple structure, convenient production, good overall firmness, and forks on both sides. If the customer needs to enter the fork on all sides, the longitudinal beam can be grooved.

EURO Wood Pallet Production Line:

Pallet block nailing machine + Automatic pallet nailing machine + Rotating machine + Branding machine + Pallet corners cutting machine + Pallet turnover machine + Stacking machine + Conveyor are connected into a production line.

American Wood Pallet Production Line:

Automatic pallet nailing machine + Branding machine + Stacking machine + Conveyor are connected into a production line.

Compressed Wood Pallet Making Machine

The compressed pallet machine mainly uses waste wood, sawdust, shavings and straw as raw materials to produce molded pallets. These raw materials are very common in life and easy to get. The compressed wood pallet machine is very simple in structure and easy to operate, and can produce various types of wood chips molded pallets.The mold is the core part of the machine. By customizing different molds, hydraulic pallet machine can produce molded pallets of various specifications. Customers can choose suitable molded wood pallet machine according to their needs.

Compressed Wood Pallet Production Line:

Wood Chiper + Wood Crusher + Wood Dryer + Glue Mixer + Compressed Pallet Machine

Wood Pallet Block Making Machine

The pallet block produced by the wood pallet block machine is mainly used for European pallets, which can replace the solid wood used in the traditional pallets.Pallet block is also known as pallet feet, pallet legs, pallet pier. Sawdust pallet block machine can use waste wood chips, wood shavings as raw materials, can also use a variety of straw containing wood fiber to produce wood waste pallet block. We can customize the mould of the compressed wood block machine according to the customer’s requirements of the pallet size specification.

Wood pallet block machine is mainly used to produce various specifications of compression pallet block. Mainly with waste wood, sawdust, shavings, straw, scraps as raw materials to produce pallet block, these materials are very common in life, but also easy to get. pallet feet block machine is divided into single head pallet block machine, double heads pallet block machine, three heads pallet block machine. These three kinds of pallet block machine structure and working principle are the same, the main difference is the number of machine head mould and capacity is different.

Presswood Pallet Block Production Line:

Wood crusher machine + Dryer machine + Gluing machine + Wood pallet block making machine

Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine Production Line

A multiple blade rip saw machine, also known as a gang rip saw, is a specialized woodworking machine used for cutting solid wood boards into narrower strips. It is commonly used in industries such as furniture manufacturing, flooring production, and woodworking shops. Multiple blade rip saw machines are designed to increase productivity and efficiency by allowing multiple cuts to be made simultaneously.

Multi-blade rip saws allow pieces of wood to be cut in more than one location at the same time.  Width cutting, which is often referred to as ripping, is combined with longitudinal cutting to make the first stage of wood processing faster and more efficient.  A multi-blade saw consists of two or more circular blades that are mounted on a saw shaft.  The distance between the blades in a multi rip saw is set before the wood cutting begins with rings that are pushed against the shaft.  This allows the same machine to cut wood of varying sizes quickly and accurately.

A multi-blade rip saw is capable of producing wooden work pieces of exact widths, lengths and depths using a selection of distance rings.  This saves an operator from having to use two or more different machines, or from having to unload and reload the same piece of wood to achieve the desired dimensions.

CNC Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

A CNC optimizing cross-cut saw is a specialized machine used in the woodworking industry to automate and optimize the process of cross-cutting wood materials. These machines utilize computer numerical control (CNC) technology to precisely and efficiently cut wood boards into desired lengths, maximizing productivity and minimizing waste.

CNC optimizing cross-cut saws are fully automated, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing production efficiency.These machines use advanced CNC technology to ensure accurate and precise cuts, resulting in high-quality finished products.

CNC optimizing cross-cut saws are equipped with optimization software that analyzes the input material and determines the most efficient cutting patterns to minimize waste and maximize yield.CNC optimizing cross-cut saws have integrated material handling systems that automatically feed and position the wood boards for cutting, further enhancing productivity.

Versatility: These machines can handle various types of wood materials, including solid wood, panels, and similar materials, making them suitable for a wide range of woodworking applications.CNC optimizing cross-cut saws often have modular designs, allowing for customization based on specific requirements and preferences.

Multi Layers Wood Venner Hot Press Machine

Wood veneer hot press machines are essential equipment in the woodworking industry for laminating wood veneer and plastic laminate to substrates. These machines apply heat and pressure to bond the veneer or laminate to the surface, creating a strong and durable finish.

Wood veneer hot press line is used for the veneer lamination of the man-made panels as base material, such as particle board, plywood, chipboard or MDF, with natural wood veneer decorative skin.

The optimum lamination quality of various types of panels is ensured by its precise pressure regulation and precise temperature control system.

The machine adopts an excellent hot pressing panel, which has good bearing performance and is not easy to deform;The oil pipeline is dredged, heated evenly, and has a long service life.

Automatic Wood Finger Jointer Machine

An automatic wood finger jointer machine is a specialized woodworking machine used to create strong and precise finger joints in wood pieces. These machines automate the process of cutting and shaping the fingers and slots, resulting in efficient and accurate joint production.

Automatic wood finger jointer machines utilize advanced cutting mechanisms and positioning systems to ensure precise and accurate cuts, resulting in tight-fitting joints.These machines offer adjustable parameters such as finger width, depth, and spacing, allowing for customization based on specific joint requirements.

Automatic wood finger jointer machines are capable of high-speed operation, enabling efficient production of large quantities of finger joints.Automatic wood finger jointer machines can handle various wood species and dimensions, making them suitable for a wide range of woodworking applications.


Zhengzhou ZZCHRYSO is one leading manufacturing and exporting company of wood working machine in China. We are committed to provide one-stop service to our customers all over the world.

ZZCHRYSO focus on Woodworking Machinery, Here we can provide a complete solution for your wood line processing. ZZCHRYSO‘s products develop and increase not limit to wood working machinery, with main products of Wood pallet production line, wood press machine series,wood saw machine series,wood crusher and chip machine series ,etc.


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