Total dissolved solids, or “TDS,” is a word used in water filtration, particularly in the context of reverse osmosis. The concentration of mixed minerals, salts, metals, and dissolved compounds in water is known as total dissolved solids. There are “good” TDS, such as minerals, which improve water’s health and taste. Lead, arsenic, medicines, and other “bad” TDS exist. A TDS meter doesn’t tell you which total dissolved solids are in your water, thus it can’t tell you if they’re healthy or hazardous. A TDS level of 300–500 ppm is the recommended amount of TDS to have in drinking water if your water is known to be free of dangerous pollutants.

Does water filter reduce the amount of TDS in tap water?

A water filter does reduce the amount of TDS in tap water. TDS is the total dissolved solids in a substance. It is the number of substances which were dissolved in water other than molecules of water forming hydrogen and oxygen. When a water filter is used with tap water it removes the impurities that were present in the water. These are mostly the ions of chemicals which were present in the water. So, the amount of non-water forming molecules which were present in water were reduced and thus, the amount of TDS in tap water is reduced. The exact amount of how much it was reduced depends on what kind of water filter was used to filter the tap water.

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Which water purifier should you buy for water which has high TDS?

While there are various water purifiers available in the market with different purification technologies, an RO water purifier is the most effective purification method for removing excess TDS from water.

An RO or Reverse Osmosis water purifier removes excess TDS along with various other harmful chemicals through its semi-permeable membrane to give pure and sweet tasting drinking water. High quality RO water purifiers remove up to 90% of TDS from water to make it potable and enhance its taste.

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Why should you choose a Pureit RO water purifier for High TDS?

1) 100% Safe and Pure Drinking Water

Pureit RO water purifiers with its Advanced 7 stages of RO+UV+MF water purification give you 100% pure, safe, and sweet tasting drinking water. The different stages of filtration are effective against harmful virus, bacteria, pesticides, chemicals, odor, and other impurities.

2) 100% RO Purified Water

Pureit offers 100% RO Purification, which means entire input water passes through RO membrane for purification. Unlike other water purifiers, that can bypass some water directly through UV purification without first purifying it through an RO membrane.

100% RO purification ensures 100% input water passes through semi-permeable membrane, making it safe for consumption without any virus, bacteria, chemicals, and excess TDS.

3) Mineral Enrichment

To fortify purified water with minerals, Pureit RO water purifiers come with mineral cartridge that add back essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium into your purified water.

4) Advanced Features

Pureit RO water purifiers come with advanced features like Double Purity Lock that has an Advanced Filter Change Alert that warns you 15 days before filter expiry along with an Auto Shut-OffTM feature that automatically shuts off your device if the GKK is not replaced despite warning. This ensures that you and your family never run out of pure water to drink

5) High Water Saving

While most of the RO water purifiers waste up to 2.3 glasses for every glass of purified water, Pureit Eco Range of Mineral RO water purifiers waste only 0.7 glass for each glass of purified water. Pureit Eco water purifiers come with a high recovery rate of 60% compared to the average 25-30% recovery rate of other water purifiers, giving you Highest Water Saving.

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