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Automatic Edge Banding Machine is woodworking machinery that applies banding to the borders of panels and boards. It has a feeding conveyor that moves the panels through the process, which includes the application of glue, material, trimming, and polishing. Its features include automatic feeding and banding, adjustable border thickness, automatic trimming and polishing, automatic glue application, and adjustable speed. It is widely used in furniture manufacturing and other industries that require precise and efficient edges. It increases productivity and reduces costs.

How Does An Automatic Edge Banding Machine Work ?

Automatic edge banding machines are used to pre-mill, bond the edge banner to the substrate, trim the leading and trailing edges, trim top and bottom flush with the substrate, scrape any surplus, and buff the finished edge. All works will be finished in one machine, which is an upgraded version of the traditional manual edge banding in modern furniture making.


The corrugated marks, burrs or non-perpendicular phenomena caused by the panel saw or slitting saw are re-modified with double milling cutters to achieve a better sealing effect. It makes the bonding between the edge band and the plate more closely, and the integrity and aesthetics are better.


With the special structure, the sealing board and edge banner are bonded on both sides to ensure stronger adhesion.

End Trimming

Through precise linear guide motion, automatic mold tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor fast cutting structure are adopted to ensure that the cut surface is smooth.

Fine Trimming

All adopt the automatic tracking of the mold and the high-frequency high-speed motor structure to ensure the smoothness of the upper and lower parts of the trimmed panel. It is used to repair the excess material up and down the strip of the processed sheet. The finishing tool is an R-shaped bit, which is mainly used for PVC and acrylic strips of panel furniture, preferably edge strips with a thickness of more than 0.8mm.


It is used to eliminate the ripple marks caused by the cutting process of the non-linear motion of trimming, so that the upper and lower parts of the plate are smoother and neater.


Clean the processed panel with a cotton polishing wheel, and polish the end face of the edge banding to be smoother.


It is used for direct grooving of wardrobe side panels, bottom panels, and it is more convenient and quick to reduce the process of panel sawing. It can also be used for the slotting of the aluminum edging of the door panel.

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Applications of Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Edge banding machines are used for making decorative edges on panels and boards (MDF, blockboard, particle board, solid wood board, melamine, polymer door panel, and plywood) automatically with the edge banners made of melamine, PVC, ABS, PMMA, and acrylic.

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What Are Benefits of Automatic Edge Banding Machine Over Manual Banding Machines?

  1. Increased Efficiency: They can process large numbers of panels and boards in less time, increasing production and reducing labor costs.
  2. Improved Precision: They are more precise than manual machines, which reduces the risk of defects and improves the overall quality of the finished product.
  3. Consistency: Automatic band machines can maintain consistent border thickness and smoothness across all panels, resulting in a more uniform finished product.
  4. Versatility: It can handle a variety of materials, such as PVC, ABS, and wood veneer, and can be adjusted to handle different panel thicknesses.
  5. Safety: Automatic machines reduce the risk of injuries associated with manual edge band, such as cuts and burns.
  6. Reduced waste: They can save materials by applying glue and band only where it is needed, reducing the wastage.

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