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What Is Laser Cleaning?

Laser cleaning is an effective method to remove dirt particles and films of different materials and sizes on solid surfaces. Laser cleaning is to form a laser beam with a specific spot shape and energy distribution after optical focusing and spot shaping of a continuous or pulsed laser with high brightness and good directionality. After the contaminant material absorbs the laser energy, it will produce a series of complex physical and chemical processes such as vibration, melting, burning, and even gasification, and finally make the contaminant detach from the surface of the material. Even if the laser acts on the cleaned surface, most All are reflected off, and will not cause damage to the substrate, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning.

What Is Laser Cleaning Machine?

A laser cleaning machine is an eco-friendly power cleaning tool for surface treatment with handheld laser cleaning gun or CNC controller. A laser welder is used to remove rust, coatings, paint, oil, oxides, grease, resin, glue, dust, stains, residues, and more surface materials through instant high temperature ablation generated by laser beam on the surface of an object. Laser cleaning machines are also known as laser cleaners, laser rust removal machines, laser rust cleaning machines, laser paint stripping machines, laser paint removal machines, laser coating removal machines, laser oxide removal machines, laser oil cleaning machines, laser dirt cleaning machines, laser descaler machines.

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Why Use Laser Cleaning Technology For Rust Removal

Get Rid of Consumables & Go Green

As a green technology, laser cleaning replaces methods that remove rust with consumables or chemicals. It’s the only solution that meets environmental protection regulations. Plus, pulsed fiber lasers have low power consumption.

Eliminate Manual Labor

Spending a mass amount of manual labor to clean every single part is inefficient. It is expensive and can be performed more efficiently with robots. Eliminate manual labor through laser cleaning, a technology that can easily be fully or semi-automated.

Minimize Maintenance

Everyone who uses abrasive blasting faces the same problem: their machine is constantly interrupted. Laser rust removal is a non-contact method that continuously removes rust while drastically lowering maintenance costs.

Create a Safe Workplace

Lasers in manufacturing environments are extremely safe when integrated with a dust extraction system and a Class-1 laser safety enclosure, operators who are near the laser system don’t need personal protective equipment for respiratory, hearing or body protection.

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Laser Cleaning Application : A Complete Guide

August 9, 2022|0 Comments

Nowadays lasers are used across the manufacturing sectors for various material processing applications, from nanofabrication to surface cleaning. Laser cleaning is a technique that allows controlled removal of surface contaminants from the bulk of[...]

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What materials can be laser cleaned?

August 9, 2022|0 Comments

Lasers are an incredible technology being used in almost every industry for creating the products people use around the world. Laser cleaning is becoming a popular method for removing thin layers of rust and[...]

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Laser Cleaning Techniques in Industrial Applications

August 8, 2022|0 Comments

Laser technology is now replacing conventional abrasive and chemical processes in many applications, such as rust removal, depainting, degreasing, activation, restoration, pre-/post-welding joint cleaning, surface preparation, decontamination, and rejuvenation. As a cleaning technique, lasers[...]

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What is Laser Cleaning? How Does it Work?

August 8, 2022|0 Comments

What is Laser Cleaning? Laser cleaning is an eco-friendly process used to remove rust, paint, oxide and other contaminants from metal surfaces. Because of its efficiency, it is being used in an increasing number[...]

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Laser Coating Removal

August 5, 2022|0 Comments

Traditional coating-removal techniques, such as sandblasting, can be cumbersome and harmful to the materials involved. Laser cleaning, however, is capable of safely removing the coatings without damage to the substrate. Furthermore, when the laser[...]

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Laser Paint Removal

August 5, 2022|0 Comments

Laser Paint Removal is an ablative process whereby laser energy is focused and absorbed by the surface, resulting in vaporization of the coating with minimal effect to the underlying substrate. This process can be[...]

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