Laser Coating Removal

Traditional coating-removal techniques, such as sandblasting, can be cumbersome and harmful to the materials involved. Laser cleaning, however, is capable of safely removing the coatings without damage to the substrate. Furthermore, when the laser cleaning process is complete, there is no additional cleanup or bake-out process required — the cleaned surface is ready for next steps.

Laser coating removal

Laser Paint Removal

Laser coating removal is an ablative process whereby laser energy is focused and absorbed by the surface, resulting in vaporization of the coating with minimal effect to the underlying substrate. This process can be applied to various materials including metal, plastics, composites and glass.

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How Laser Coating Removal Works

Laser coating removal solution removes paint and other hazardous coatings from targeted areas of vehicles and parts. We use low-, mid-, or high-powered technology to clean equipment and vehicles that require small area localized cleaning for modification, corrosion control, or other subsequent tasks.

Whether the area is inches or a few feet, our precision laser cleaning solutions work well on unique geometries and three-dimensional shapes — and both the cleaning and cleanup are all done in one step with the handheld optic. Through the process of laser ablation, the coatings are removed to the bare metal without impacting or damaging the substrate.

From aerospace to automotive manufacturing industries, for years, we’ve provided businesses with the means and resources to properly clean their products without the worry of how it will affect their team, production, or the environment. By removing coatings properly, we prepare your products for the next step — whether you’re bonding, cleaning, treating, or painting.

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Benefits Of Laser Coating Removal

The benefit of Laser coating removal is that it reduces the overall surface glow and increases the reflectivity of your backlight panel. It also ensures a cleaner application by reducing any haze on the surface of the monitor, which is one of the problems with traditional black backgrounds. As well as this, it helps to reduce glare from the screen which reduces eye strain and reduces eyestrain. Other advantages include the bright vibrant colours of the screen and the ease of removal for changing backlights, resulting in a more professional look.

The first benefit of Laser coating removal is the reduction in reflectivity of the backlight. This reduces the overall intensity of the backlight so that it is easier to see against a darker background. It also reduces the overall brightness of the screen and therefore provides a clearer picture. Also, the screen can be adjusted to suit your personal requirements by creating a customised background or enhancing your existing LCD screen backlighting with additional LED technology. This helps to provide a more dynamic and realistic gaming experience. Also, the colour spectrum from the LED backlighting is far superior to that from an off-the-shelf CRT.

Another benefit of Laser De-Coating is that it provides the maximum colour resolution possible. It does this by providing a highly focused beam of light, which improves the viewing angles of the monitor. It also helps to increase the maximum brightness so that it provides you with a far brighter screen than a normal off-the-shelf screen. The last benefit of Laser coating removal is that it reduces the possibility of heat damage due to heat fading which can occur with normal backlighting.

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