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What Is Laser Welding Machine?

Laser welding machine is an eco-friendly power welding tool with handheld laser welding gun, CNC controller, or single-arm robot to join pieces of metals or thermoplastics. Laser beam provides a concentrated heat source, which is used for spot welding, butt joint, lap joint, lap edge, lap, T butt, seam welding, narrow welds, deep welds, and kissing weld with high welding rates. The process is frequently used in high volume applications with automation, which is based on keyhole or penetration mode welding.

Laser welding machines are engine driven welders used for a variety of applications from welding very small parts together commonly used by manufacturing businesses in the engineering, medical and electronics industries, through to welding thicker materials in the automotive and aerospace industries. Laser welding is a versatile, low cost way of achieving high quality spot welds for different materials and thicknesses. A laser welding machine is also known as laser beam welding machine, laser welder, laser beam welder, laser welder machine, laser beam welding equipment, laser beam welding gun, laser beam welding tool, seam welding machine, laser bonding machine, laser brazing machine, laser joining machine, laser soldering machine.

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Why Choose Laser Cleaning Technology

High Speed Automation At Lower Cost

Lasers are not a small investment, but the return on investment is fast in high volume production lines. Not only are they low in maintenance, but the laser power can be scaled as needed to optimize the cleaning and welding speed. Lasers are also often chosen for their ease of automation.

Improved Electrical Conductivity

Metals joined by laser welding have an excellent electrical conductivity as they are fused together. The result is minimal resistance and better heat management at the welded joints.

Custom Welding Patterns

Because lasers are a non-contact technology, welding patterns can be optimized for each application. This guarantees strong and reliable bonds regardless of the welding area’s size, shape, or location.

Improved Welding Quality

Through a precise control over the heat input, laser welding provides high quality and repeatable results. When developing solutions for our clients, we run several tests to validate the welding quality including the electrical and mechanical resistance. Quality tests also include a cross section visual exam to identify defects.

Welding Of Dissimilar Metals

Lasers can be used to weld dissimilar materials with varying fusion temperatures, such as steel-copper, steel-aluminum, aluminum-copper, and steel-nickel. These interconnections are essential for many battery manufacturing applications and are made possible by the variety of laser wavelengths.

Surface Preparation For Welding

Fiber lasers can prepare tabs and busbars for welding by removing contaminants like hydrocarbon, electrolyte, varnish, epoxy, and oil. You get a clean surface for welding, which guarantees the quality of the electrical contact and the overall weld strength.

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