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Anti Spy Detector


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About this item

  • Upgrade Protection: It is a RF bug detector, hidden camera detector, GPS tracker detector, eavesdropping device detector, 4-in-1 bug sweeping device, offering 4 detection modes: RF Signal Detection to search for wireless bug device, Magnetic Field Detection to locate magnetic GPS tracker, Camera Lens Finder to spot hidden camera, and AI Auto Scan to automatically determine whether a RF device is in your place. Protect you more from any potential privacy leak. It brings you more peace of mind.
  • Easy to Use: It is a simple bug detector that comes with straightforward, detailed step-by-step and easy-to-follow operating instructions. Even a novice can learn to use our detector very quickly. Sweeping bugging devices using our K-68 RF detector and camera finder is quick and easy. Also, our tech support team is ready for the help if needed.
  • User Friendly Design & Clear LED Display: No frill design. Works out of box. Simply short press the 4 buttons in the middle to switch for different alarm modes and detection modes. It offers sound alarm and vibration alarm for your choice. The clear LED display makes it easy for you to view the received signal strength level, the alarm mode switched on, the detection mode switched on, the battery percentage, and the on-the-back infrared lights flashing frequency. Everything is under control.
  • Widely Used: It’s an ideal counter surveillance tool that can be carried wherever you go to sweep for any bug devices in your area. Suitable for professionals, personals, travelers and businessmen. It helps you search for hidden cameras in hotel rooms, bedrooms, fitting rooms, locker rooms, private homes etc. Sweep hidden microphones and SIM card GSM audio bugs in the office and conference rooms. Find GPS trackers on the vehicles. Protects you anytime & anywhere. It’s also a brilliant tech gift.
  • Hassle-free Customer Support & Warranty: SinbadLab is a leading brand in RF bug detector manufacturing and marketing. We back our product with reliable quality and top notch customer support. All of our products are covered by 1-year warranty (free to replace if product arrives damaged or comes with missing part). Our professional customer support and technical support are here for the help 24/7. We will take good care of any issue that is brought to our attention. 
  • Who is spying on you?
  • Are you afraid of hidden cameras leaking your privacy?
  • Are you worried about there is a GPS tracking device?
  • Do you want to fully protect your privacy?
  • Here, this upgraded anti spy detector and artificial intelligence mode are the perfect solution for you to protect your privacy.
  • The detector is a combination of camera detector, eavesdropping detector, GPS scanner and RF detector. It can be used for anti tracking, anti monitoring, anti covert shooting, anti radiation, etc.
Main Features

Can identify wireless pinhole cameras, eavesdropping, tracking device and electrical sources.

Can detect 2G, 3G, 4G mobile phone SIM card bug, mobile network connecting devices, GPS locator.

Can detect the standby state magnetic locator, bug.

Product Packing Content

1* Detector Device


1*Magnetic Probe

1*User Manual

1*USB Charging Cable

Multifunctional and Versatile–Simply Switch to the Mode As Needed

Detecting Mode 1: RF Signal Detection

In RF Signal Detection mode, it picks up RF signals from the wireless bug devices when they are working, such as wireless audio bugs or eavesdropping devices, wireless hidden cameras, GPS tracking device, etc.

It automatically alarms with continuous beeping or vibration when it is very near the RF source.

Then turning down the sensitivity to narrow the detecting field to pinpoint and locate the RF source quickly and precisely.

Detecting Mode 2: Magnetic Field Detection

GPS trackers are usually powered by a battery, to save power, it will be in long “sleeping” mode without any transmission, typically when vehicle stands still without moving.

Fortunately, most of GPS trackers are magnetic ones which can be magnetically installed on vehicles easily.

So, we add Magnetic Field Detection on the detector to help find and locate magnetic GPS trackers (both the working ones and the on-standby-mode ones).

Detecting Mode 3: Camera Lens Finder Also Known As Camera Detector

Designed with new advanced technology of Infrared Scanning,  K68 RF Detector makes it easy and quick to scan and spot the hidden camera lens by a visual inspection using the Camera Lens Finder mode.

It can help you spot the hidden cameras on a quick visual scan, regardless whether the camera is working or on standby mode, wired or wireless, even a tiny one hidden in low light.

Detecting Mode 4: AI Auto Scan

It is the most advanced technology to help sense the presence of the suspicious signals (RF bug device) around you.

On AI Auto Scan mode, it automatically detect and analyze the signals in the surrounding, and automatically alarm with beeping or vibration when it confirms suspicious signals are present nearby.

It is a highly efficient and convenient way to know if there are suspicious transmitter in your area.

Simple But Professional & Powerful

Sleek Design & Easy-to-Use & Portable to Take with Travel

No-frill design makes it easy to switch modes by a short pressing separately on 4 buttons.

It is small in size and light in weight, portable and handheld, and can be conveniently carried around to use it in a variety of occasions.

You can take it wherever you go by putting it in your travel bag, briefcase, handbag.

It comes with easy-to-read and step-by step instructions that makes it a simple device to operate.

It’s also a smart tech gift for your friend or beloved one to give them peace of mind.

Clear LED Display

On the LED display, you can easily view the RSS(received signal strength), battery percentage, alert mode switched on.

10-level of RSS falls in four different color zones.

Level 1-2 in white zone means no signals. Level 3-5 in green zone indicates growing signals strength.

Level 6-8 in yellow zone shows the increasing signal strength.

Level 9-10 in red zone means the suspicious device is located.

Signal Strength grows when detector is getting near the working wireless bug device.

Aside from LED display to show the RSS, it can also automatically alarm with beeping or vibration when it is very near the working wireless bug device.

Diversity in Alarm Modes

K-68 RF Detector supports 3 alarm modes:

  • Sound Alarm / Beeping
  • Vibration Alarm / Buzzing
  • Light Alarm / LED display

You can switch sound or vibration mode for your needs.

Application Scenes

Detecting wireless eavesdropping devices in conference room or office room

You never know who is listening in on or recording your business negotiations without your knowledge.

Scan your conference room or office room in advance using our K-68 RF bug detector before meeting starts, to make sure no business information or business secret leak anymore.

Detecting GPS tracker on your vehicle

In case you suspect someone has installed unwanted GPS tracker on your vehicle, you are highly suggested to scan your vehicle using the RF bug detector & GPS tracker detector to find it. Finding and locate the GPS tracker on your vehicle using our K-68 detector can be easy and takes less than half an hour.

3 Modes to Detect GPS Tracker:

Its AI Auto Scan mode can quickly let you know if unwanted GPS tracker is hidden on your vehicle.

Its RF Signal Detection mode can helps you locate the transmitting GPS tracker.

Its Magnetic Field Detection mode enables you to find and locate the magnetic GPS tracker easily regardless whether or not the GPS tracker is working or on standby mode.

Detecting hidden camera in the hotels/motels/Airbnbs

Personal privacy is at high risk when staying in unfamiliar environment, so it is a must have device you need to take with you on you travels.

Whenever you fell less secure of your surrounding especially in the unfamiliar environment, typically when you stay in hotels, Airbnbs, motels etc..

Take a few minutes to scan the hotel room, bedroom, restroom, or bathroom using our K68 Camera Detector to see if there is any hidden camera or audio bug placed there.

We suggest you to do a visual inspection using Camera Lens Finder mode at first to check for hidden cameras (check for both wired or wireless one). And then search for hard-to-see hidden wireless camera using RF Signal Detection mode.

Technical Specifications

Detecting Frequency1MHz – 8GHz
Dynamic Range> 73dB
Detection Sensitivity0. 03mV( main band)
Rechargeable Battery3.7V 1200mA Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery LifeContinuous Working 8-10 hours on a full charge
Working Current60 – 110mA
MaterialABS and Metal
Weight167 g

4 reviews for Anti Spy Detector

  1. Allan Sleeper

    I knew detailed instructions for ANY anti-spy detector is mostly non-existent and i thought the best way to learn would be to use it in a controlled environment so i could identify how it reacts to different signals which is something I have to do with my girlfriend during those splendid few days of the month i am reminded to cherish every day like it was my last and why tempepedic cushions should be required on every couch made! Fortunately,
    this detector responded to each stimuli very distinctly which made it very easy to identify what the issue was which put me at ease because I knew I didnt have to spend too much time figuring out what the problem is which has proved to be quite difficult for me to do for most of my adult dating years. This detector is great to have with me when i spend a night away from my home because I know no one will be spying on me standing at full attention in the latrine just after waking up. It is well worth it to buy this detector because the quality surpassed what i expected to receive at the price i paid to get it.

    Oooo, I almost forgot to mention I am single and available now, so ladies, feel free to call me anytime during those other three weeks in a month, i dont have life insurance yet, thank you!

  2. Varghese John

    I love this unit, I just received it and ran it through some test cases (setup a couple of spy cameras and plugged in my GPS tracker into my SUV) it found them all with no issue.

    I look forward to using this on the job, I travel a lot and my corporate office will put me up in some less than ideal hotels to save a buck. So I’ll have some piece of mind being able to check out the room out beforehand.

    My only dislike about this product as it would’ve been nice to have it in a case, just for portability. Not really a dislike, etc as this product has great value, very easy to use and I’d recommend it for anyone who values their privacy.

  3. Alakurt Cumhur

    I had ordered the K-68 countermeasures device, to check if there were any listening devices or gps trackers monitoring me. I used this device with confidence, and I was very pleased with its performance! It even has countermeasures so you can spot pin hole cameras (hidden cameras) that could be watching you! Plus an AI chip so this device will monitor and alert to any Listening device that is in close proximity. It will alert you by vibration or sound, it’s your choice! I carry this piece of gear everywhere I go whether it’s a hotel room or a B&B, because you never know who’s watching or listening to you!

  4. william battle

    I had ordered the K-68 countermeasures device, to check if there were any listening devices or gps trackers monitoring me. I used this device with confidence, and I was very pleased with its performance! It even has countermeasures so you can spot pin hole cameras (hidden cameras) that could be watching you! Plus an AI chip so this device will monitor and alert to any Listening device that is in close proximity. It will alert you by vibration or sound, it’s your choice! I carry this piece of gear everywhere I go whether it’s a hotel room or a B&B, because you never know who’s watching or listening to you!

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