Bee Smoker


Bee smoker produces safe cool smoke that calms bees and helps prevent stings while you perform hive maintenance. The holding canister stores long lasting fuel of your choice.



  • Large fuel chamber and full 4×11-inch stainless steel design with updated heavy duty features make our smokers an essential tool for the beginner and experienced beekeeper; our smoker works with pellets, pinestraw, cardboard and wood chip fuel so you can work your honey bees without being concerned about running out of smoke
  • PRACTICAL FEATURES: Stainless steel heat shield surrounds the smoker chamber to keep you safe, riveted double pull ring on dome makes adding fuel easier (even with a glove on) and the airflow funnel forces more air from the bellow to the bottom of the chamber for more efficiency and easier lighting
  • ATTRACTIVE AND PRACTICAL: The attractive star cut out and the green, durable composite leather bellows set your hive smoker apart in the bee yard, making it easy to find while also adding a little style to your beekeeping supplies and equipment
  • BEGINNER FRIENDLY: Easy to light and produce smoke with the extra-thick airflow plate inside the smoking chamber and an airflow tube built into the firebox to make it produce thicker smoker with less effort, making beekeeping easier and more enjoyable
  • STURDY DESIGN: Our smokers are designed to work well for all beekeepers and are built using premium rust-proof materials so the smoker and the smoke it produces last from season to season and hive to hive


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