Electric Drain Cleaner 220

About this item

  • Manganese Steel Spring: 2 manganese steel core cables do not rust, corrode, or tangle easily. They can quickly go through multiple crooked pipes to clear away the blockages. The switch is to change the direction of the cable’s rotation.
  • 6 Replaceable of Cutters: Ideal for 3/4” – 4” pipe. Prepare to be dazzled by 6 different shapes of cutters. The quick-change design makes the cutters easily connected or disconnected. Multiple attachments contribute a lot to clearing away various blockages.
  • 250W Efficient Motor: Equipped with a 250W motor makes the rotation of the drain cleaning cable easier. In addition, the copper wire motor has better conductivity and low resistance, so this electric drain snake enables the cleaning process to be more effective.
  • Durable Shell & Handle: This drain cleaner machine enjoys a good reputation for its robust structure. A high-quality iron frame prolongs its service life. A portable handle is beneficial for easy transport. It is capable of carrying out heavy work and can clean long sections of sewers.
  • Wide Application: This sewer machine is widely used in sewers, floor drains, pipes, bathrooms, floor sewer. Once you own this machine, you can clean the pipes yourself, rather than paying several hundred bucks to call in a plumber.
Electric Drain Cleaner 201

250W Electric Drain Cleaner

Two-way Switch & 400RPM & Portable Handle
  • The versatile sewer cleaning machine is an easy-to-use drain machine with a portable design. It features a durable iron integrated body that maximizes its lifespan. Pull the handle down, and the cable can spin at 400rpm. Ideal for the sink, shower, and floor drains.
  • Manganese Steel Spring
  • 6 Replaceable of Cutters
  • 250W Efficient Motor
  • Durable Shell & Handle

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Electric Drain Cleaner 222
2 Premium Steel Core Cable
This premium steel core cable effectively resists breakage, tangling, kinking, and corrosion. The drain cleaner machine is suitable for 3/4” – 4” pipe.
Drain Cleaner Machine 106
Quick Replaceable Heads
This is a set of cutter heads for the dredging machine. They can easily wash away pipe plugs, quickly open up the blocking caused by hair, grease, or vegetables.
Electric Drain Cleaner 301
Pure Copper Motor
With a 250W powerful, pure copper motor and 400RPM speed, our drain cleaner machine works efficiently without any pollution during the cleaning process.
Electric Drain Cleaner 224
Iron Shell
This drain auger is heavy-duty iron integrated installation, more firm and stable in use, and not easy to damage during operation. Perfect for long-term use.
Electric Drain Cleaner 225
Forward & Reverse Switch
Generally, you just switch one button to change the direction of the machine. The cable will solve the problem of sewer blockage in reversing the direction of movement.
Electric Drain Cleaner 226
Versatile Usage
It has a compact design with reasonable size and weight. This electric snake applies to home, office, and public places for cleaning drain pipes in sewers, floor drains, etc.
Electric Drain Cleaner 222
  • Power supply: 110 V, 60 Hz
  • Cable: 41ft x 3/5 in; 16ft x 2/5 in
  • Power: 250W
  • Rotation speed: 400 rpm
  • Cleaning pipe dia.: 0.8-4 inch
  • Max. Working length: 32.8ft
Package Content
  • 1 x Complete kit of pipe cleaning machine
  • 1 x Spiral kit
  • 6 x Cutting tools
  • 1 x Key
  • 1 x Leather glove