Laser Marking Machine

Laser cleaning equipment is the new generation of high-tech surface cleaning products. It is easy to install, control and implement. Laser cleaning machines are perfect for all types of surfaces, they clean quickly while respecting the environment. The cleaning equipment has a durability of up to 100,000 hours. This technology is the newest development in the area of rust cleaning. Quickly cleans all types of metals at incredible speed. With this equipment it is possible to remove rust, paints, coatings, dirt accumulated over time, grease … Laser cleaning machines allow cleaning without contact and very precise.

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  • Laser Source: MAX; Laser Power:2000W;Voltage:220V, 1Phase;Scanning Width:10-160mm;Cleaning Efficiency:15-45m2/h;Environment Humidity:≤70% No Condensation;Total Power:5500-9500W(Including Chiller);Cooling Method:Water Cooling;Laser Wavelength:1080±1nm;Cooling Water Requirements:Purified or Distilled Water.
  • Non-contact cleaning.No consumables.No damage.No chemical pollution.Laser cleaning machine can clean the resin of subject surface, oil stains, dirt, rust, coating, paint.
  • Upgraded laser cleaning head-Independent research and development,lightweight and easy to use.400mm focal length,cleaning width up to 160mm.
  • Application to multiple scenarios-Mold cleaning,paint stripping or coating removal,pre-treatment of parts before spraying,aerospace component cleaning,oxides removal pre-treatment before soldering or welding,etc
  • 2 Year Warranty; Ships by air to door around 10 to 15 days.


Laser Power
Central Wavelength
Laser Running Mode
Continuous Mode
Fiber Cable Length
Cooling Type
Water Cooling
Scanning Width
Single phase 220V,50/60Hz
Three phaser 380V,50/60Hz
Total Consumption

Removing the burnt rubber residue from tire molds; giving a new life to old pipelines; cleaning pipes in nuclear power plants; and even larger projects such as removing paint from a rusty bridge and preparing welding surfaces are all projects that can benefit from industrial laser cleaning.

This non-contact cleaning technique can be used in countless industrial applications. The only limit is the capacity to discriminate between the material to be removed and the one to be protected.

At the moment, the most common laser cleaning applications include:

  • Welding pre-treatments to remove rust and other contaminants from welding areas
  • Welding post-treatments to remove aluminum and stainless-steel oxides
  • Laser surface preparation to maximize paint adhesion
  • Laser oxide removal from specialty alloy ingots
  • Coating removal just after the coating process to replace part masking in production lines
  • Depainting parts that would otherwise be scrapped due to paint defects