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Laser Cutter Machine for Acrylic

  • Laser Type :CO2
  • Cutting Speed :0-1000mm/s
  • Graphic Format Supported : AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, DXP
  • Cooling Mode : WATER COOLING
  • Cutting Area : 1300*900mm
  • Price Range: $2800.00 to $5500.00 
  • Applicable material: Acrylic, Leather, MDF, Paper, Plastic, Plexiglax, Plywood, Rubber, Wood.

Product Description

Acrylic is without a doubt one of the most widely used laser cutting and engraving materials, and you only have to look at some of its key properties to see why. There aren’t many materials out there that are weather resistant and impact resistant offering UV stability and dimensional stability. If you’re looking for a machine to cut acrylic quickly and efficiently with tremendous attention to detail, then our lasercutting machines certainly have the advantage.

What is An Acrylic Laser Cutter?

Acrylic laser cutting machine can cut transparent and colored acrylic sheets into letters, numbers, signs, logos, patterns, arts and crafts. Depending on the type of acrylic acid you are using, when the laser is cut, the acrylic laser cutting machine can create a smooth, flame polished edge. It can also produce bright cold white engraving during engraving.

A common laser machine for the laser cutting of the acrylic sheet is a CO2 laser cutting machine. The CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine has a lower power compared to the fiber laser. They are ideal for non-metallic materials such as acrylic acid and wood. In addition to cutting, acrylic laser cutters can also achieve acrylic carving.

Acrylic laser cutting machine is typically achieved by relatively slow speed and high power. The cutting process allows the laser beam to melt the edge of acrylic acid and substantially produce the edge of the flame polishing.

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Laser cutting acrylic thickness

The thickness of the acrylic laser cutting machine depends on the power of the laser cutter.

The 30W or 40W CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine will cut up to 6 mm thick acrylic acid. As the power is increased, you will be able to increase the thickness you can use. 50W or 60W acrylic laser cutting machine can be cut near 9 mm acrylic acid. The 75W or 120W laser allows you to cut closer to 12 mm or may have two 20 mm acrylic acids.

Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine Features

  • Taiwan HIWIN square linear guide rail installed on X Y axis, make sure the works stably and precisely.
  • The acrylic laser cutter machine is equipped with square tube framework, with more than 40% higher fuselage strength than iron sheet structure. This design prevents the laser machine from quivering, resonance and distortion during long term work.
  • New-style high-efficiency laser tube is adopted. Laser beam is more stable than the traditional type. Usage age is more than 10000 hours.
  • Red dot position system is added in standard configuration, contributing to simple and precise working position.
  • Humanized and modern appearance showing RECI’s consistent humanity idea, making operation and maintenance quite easy.
  • Advanced DSP control system, with professional motion control chip, has the function of consecutively high-speed curve cutting and the shortest path selection, which largely improves your working efficiency.
  • USB offline control system makes the operation more convenient and faster.8. Automatic up-down table can be chosen for thicker materials and higher objects.

Technical Parameter

Applicable Material
Acrylic, Leather, MDF, Paper, Plastic, Plexiglax, Plywood, Rubber, Wood
Laser Type
Cutting Area
Cutting Speed
Graphic Format Supported
Cutting Thickness
CNC or Not
Cooling Mode
Control Software
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Laser Source Brand
Servo Motor Brand
Guiderail Brand
Control System Brand
Weight (KG)
Key Selling Points
Optical Lens Brand
1 Year
Applicable Industries
Hotels, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Advertising Company
Machinery Test Report
Video outgoing-inspection
Warranty of core components
1 Year
Core Components
laser tube, control card, water chiller
Mode of Operation
Products handled
Product name
Cnc Laser Cutting Machine
Working area
1300* 900mm
Laser power
nonmetal laser engraving cutting
Cutting materials
Acrylic Wood Mdf Plywood Plactical
Control system
Ruida 6445
Laser tube
Yongli Laser Tube
Driving system
Stepper Motor
HIWIN Guide Rails

Product Details

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Application Scene

Laser cutter sample

Advantages of Laser Cutting Acrylic

  • Fast and Productive

The apparent truth is that cutting acrylic using this technique performs the conventional cutting in a wide range of ways.

The speed is fast, and it provides high throughput as well as productivity.

Nowadays, you can perform acrylic laser cutting relatively easier and faster than before for different applications.

This is vital because to a large extent; you’ll be able to have a high throughput of acrylic projects, effectively and within a short period.

It subsequently implies that in overall you’ll also have high turnover for your business.

  • Laser Cutting Machines are Flexible

One good thing regarding this cutting technology is that on many occasions, you can use it for different applications.

Such machines enable you to cut individual batches efficiently and economically just as mass productions.

You can as well use the laser cutting equipment to conduct small workpieces similar to the manner you can also cut large objects.

So vitally, what I’m trying to imply here is that in various occasions, you can choose to use this machine for various suitable applications.

All you need are the relevant materials and knowledge, and you’ll be good to go.

  • The Process is Significantly Safe

What happens is that the laser cutting process is relatively safe than conventional cutting methods.

You only need to put all the necessary safety measures in place and understand how to undertake the process.

In fact, modern laser cutting machines never require you to align or fasten the acrylic material when cutting it.

Most of these devices do not even require human intervention except for repairs and inspections. It thus reduces the frequency of injuries to a considerable extent.

And again, it’s considerably tricky for you to come into direct contact with open and moving parts and components of the machine.

Furthermore, they’re user-friendly and also come with a manual to guide you in any case you’re experiencing particular challenges.

In short, the cutting process is safe, and the machines tend to fulfill most of the stringent safety requirements.

  • Maximum Cutting Precision

Ordinarily, the latest acrylic laser cutting machines integrate advanced technical features that enhance optimum cutting precision.

For instance, you’ll have some that have cameras which detect the registration marks hence can regulate laser position automatically.

This ensures that you attain maximum accuracy even if there’s rotation, expansion or distortion of the original template.

So that at the end of the process, you’ll have a perfect laser cut with sharp and edges that won’t fray.

  • Convenient and Efficient Cutting Process

Another outstanding advantage of this technology is that it offers maximum reliability, performance, speed and quality end product.

These apparently are what anyone serious with acrylic laser cutting would likely need to attain from the entire process.

The convenience and efficiency that you obtain from using a laser cutting machine are out of this world.

You’ll find that most cutting parameters of this machine are computerized. So these enhances precision and also reduces the amount of work to do.

Besides, laser cutting is also unquestionably profitable.

The truth is that most of the machines for this task, especially those from renowned brands rarely wear and tear.

So at the end of it all, the investment tends to pay of comparatively quickly hence maximizing your income.

How to Laser Cut Acrylic?

Many friends have reported to us that it is very troublesome to cut acrylic, and it is prone to problems such as uneven cutting surface, strong concave and convex, white cutting edges, and melting edges caused by reflection of honeycomb panels.

What should we do? Compared with the usual cutting of plywood, the cutting of acrylic does not seem to be as simple as imagined, and it is not necessary to follow the cutting parameters of the wood to achieve the best results. In order to cut the acrylic to be flat and smooth, the edges are not whitish and the honeycomb panel is not reflective, we have made a simple analysis of this acrylic cutting test below.

1. The power is set to 65%-70%.

The minimum power and maximum power are set because the speed when cutting straight lines is faster than cutting corners. We said that the faster the speed, the shallower the cut. Therefore, in order to be able to cut the sample through, we usually set the minimum and maximum power.

2. The speed is set to 5mm/s.

We all know that the faster the speed, the higher the processing efficiency, so we will increase the power as much as possible to increase the speed when cutting general materials, but acrylic is different, too fast speed will make the cut surface uneven and uneven. sense, so in order to cut out a smooth effect. We need to keep in mind when setting the parameters: increase the power, reduce the speed.

3. Do not blow air when cutting.

When many people cut acrylic, they will have the problem of white cut surface. This is because they use air blowing when cutting, so if you want to cut a smooth effect, please turn off the air blowing. When cutting acrylic without blowing air, please be sure to guard it. Because there is no flame retardant with strong air blowing, the material is easy to catch fire during the cutting process. If you find a fire, please turn off the machine in time.

4. Overhead cutting.

When cutting acrylic, if we want to avoid the edge fusion problem caused by the reflection of the honeycomb panel, we can solve it by overhead cutting.

Is acrylic laser cutting safe?

Cutting with laser technology is a pretty safe way of cutting vs. regular cutting via knives or other blade devices because of no contact work and closed work area.

However, you need to consider a few safety measures, especially while granting access to that machinery for kids.

  1. It can catch fire. This happens if the laser will cut through the material and still be actively focused on the same spot, which will cut through the laser’s metal case, and then it may start burning.
  2. Toxic fumes. A laser cutter is used to cut various materials. Some of them, such as certain plastics, are harmless when solid but can be poisonous and unhealthy when heated by laser power.
  3. Hot or sharp surfaces. A laser becomes really hot while in action, and it also has many moving metal parts that can endanger children’s hands if they can access the machine’s interior while it’s active.

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