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Auto loading & unloading CNC router machine 

  • Working Area,x/y/z : 1220/2440/200mm
  • Repositioning resolution: 0.02mm
  • Spindle power:9.6kw Italy HSD
  • Spindle speed :24000rpm
  • Tool magazine Type :10 pcs tools,carousel type
  • Working voltage :AC380V/50-60HZ,3-phase
  • Application :Wood CNC Router machining center is mainly used for the engraving production of panel furniture cabinets and cabinet doors.

Product Description

Auto loading cnc router with 4 spindle 1200x1200 1
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Automatic loading/unloading solutions enable significant increases in productivity.

Auto loading and unloading UE-481 atc  cnc machine adopting the top domestic high-quality configuration, long service life.

Automatic loading and unloading saves labor time and cost, can meet various processing requirements of door panels/cabinets, has fast efficiency, and supports fast punching.

The working size/machine color can custom,and we provide many different choice for you.

  • This machine use SYNTEC control system, stable and high precision.
  • The machine is equipped with automatic tool sensor instrument, which saves time and zero error.
  •  The system has an automatic scheduling function; importing all files at one time and processing them in sequence will increase the efficiency and reduce the workload of workers.
  •  It can work continuously for 24 hours, processing 200 square meters of cabinet body , and can process 130m2 of cabinet door panels after 10 hours of work. Processed 300 carvings of interior doors and facades.

Product Parameters

X-Y-Z axis working area1220x2440x200mm
Repositioning resolution0.02mm
System resolution0.0025mm
X-Y movementrack and pinion,gear drive/Taiwan
Z movementball screw drive/Germany
Guidelinear 25 square/Taiwan
Max.cutting speed30,000mm/min
Spindle power9.6kw Italy HSD
Spindle speed24,000rpm
Inventer power11kw
Tool magazine10 pcs tools,carousel type
Drive motor850W Japan Yaskawa servo motor
Working voltageAC380V/50-60HZ,3-phase
Command codeG code
Computer interfaceUSB 2.0
SoftwareArtcam / Alphacam software
  Optional1.Dust collector 2.Vacuum pump3.Rotary device4.Working size5.HSD boring


  • Wireless operation hand wheel, operating equipment without limitation;
  • Double positioning system, processing various specifications plate, a key switch;
  • Automatic oiling system ensures the service life of slide block and guide rail;
  • Built-in memory function, no fear of power failure;
  • In-line 12 knife library, suitable to complex process, tool change speed by 30%;
  • Automatic loading device, reduce labor intensity of 80%;
  • Automatic instrument on the knife, to knife precision than artificial 2 times, twice as tall as speed
  • Built-in cloud module, network can be used, to provide better guarantee for faster after-sales problem solving.

Product Details

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ATC Wood CNC Router machining center in the form of a straight row knife library, which is mainly used for the engraving production of panel furniture cabinets and cabinet doors.

Wood Router usage

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