Automatic Wood Cross Cut Off Saw 101

Wood Pallet Board Cross Cut Off Saw

  • Raw Material :Wood plank,wood pallet,wood block
  • Cutting Length(mm) :1000mm/2000mm/3000mm/4000mm/6000mm
  • Saw Blade Diameter : 450mm/550mm/600mm
  • Feeding speed: 35m per min (adjustable speed)
  • Saw cutting width: 0-200mm/customized
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Application :Electronic cross cut saw is mainly used for the blanking process of pallet panels, pallet blocks, and traditional wooden boxes.
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Product Description

Automatic Wood Cross Cut Off Saw 110
Electronic Cross Cut Saw icon 101

An automatic electronic wood cut off saw machine is a highly efficient and advanced tool used in woodworking industries for precise and automated cutting of wood materials. It combines the benefits of automation and electronic controls to enhance productivity and accuracy.

Automatic wood cutting machine is an important part of wood pallet production line. Automatic wood saw machine can cut the wood to the same length of the board and block. Wood saw cutting table can automatically feed, automatic sawing, the machine running efficient, fast, safe, simple operation.

One person can operate the wood cutter saw machine work, the work efficiency is high, save labor. Automatic cutting saw, also known as automatic wood cutting table, saw table for circular saw, wood cutting saw.

Automatic Wood Cross Cut Off Saw 107
Automatic Wood Cross Cut Off Saw 108

As we known, we need different size wood stringer or wood board or wood blocks to produce the different type wooden pallets. That is just one of the CNC circluar table saw for processing wood pallets. We also call it the wood pallet cross cutting off saw machine, it can also process different wood material, not only wood sawdust blocks and solid wood blocks but also long wood board, wood stringer etc.

While it can be adjusted to cut them in different size as your pallet size request. So it is a must for the both american standard woode pallet and european wood pallets (EPAL pallets).It is widely used for wood pallet factory, wood package industry, wooden furniture factory etc. filed

Features of Automatic Electronic Wood Cut Off Saw Machine

  1. Automation: These machines are equipped with advanced automation systems that allow for automatic feeding, cutting, and material handling. This reduces the need for manual intervention and increases efficiency .
  2. Electronic Controls: Automatic electronic wood cut off saw machines feature electronic control panels that enable operators to set parameters such as cutting length, speed, and feed rate. This ensures precise and consistent cuts .
  3. Cutting Capacity: These machines have a high cutting capacity, allowing them to handle various sizes and types of wood materials. They can cut through thick wood boards, planks, and profiles with ease .
  4. Safety Features: Automatic electronic wood cut off saw machines prioritize operator safety. They are equipped with safety sensors, emergency stop buttons, and blade guards to prevent accidents and injuries during the cutting process .

Final Products

Product Parameters

Product Name 
CNC cut off saw machine
Saw cutting length
1000mm/2000mm/3000mm/4000mm/6000mm /customized
Saw cutting height
Saw cutting width
Feeding speed
35m per min (adjustable speed)
Cutting saw diameter
Main motor power
servo motor power
Machine size
1200*1200*1600mm (excluding equipment working platform)
Cutting mode
Automatic industrial control saw web cutoff (length can be
Production mode
Type 1: Artificial feeding, automatic material receiving; Type 2:
Artificial feeding and material receiving
Operation mode
Touch screen operation, only input program is needed
Pressing model
pneumatic press
Can customized /Three phase four wire
Feeding model
Servo feeding
Safe, stable, efficient and accurate

Advantages of Automatic Wood Cutting Machine

As the wages of workers continue to rise, electricity bills continue to rise, costs continue to rise, and profits are getting smaller and smaller, wood processing plants urgently need equipment that can save labor and electricity to replace old products. This multi-blade saw is in line with the current trend.

Its cutting speed is 3-4 times that of ordinary saws, greatly improving the production efficiency and expanding the profit margin. The products produced are smooth and neat, no indentation, and improve the market competitiveness. The quality of products is reliable, stable and durable, and has won the trust of customers at home and abroad.

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