European Wood Pallet Nailing Machine 401

Wood Pallet Nailing Machine for sale

  • Working mode :Automatic feeding and stacking
  • Operation mode:PLC Touch screen
  • Air pressure: 0.8MPA
  • Nail gun speed:7 times /second
  • Apply a nail:65,70,75,80,85,90mm
  • Working voltage : 220V,380V,415V,customized/ 2kw Servo motor
  • Application : Automatic wood pallet nailing machine is mainly used in the production of American and European pallets.
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Product Description

What is the Wood Pallet Making Machine?

A wood pallet making machine, also known as a pallet nailing machine or pallet assembly machine, is a specialized piece of equipment used in the manufacturing and assembly of wooden pallets.

Automatic wood pallet nailling machine mainly can apply for produce American stringer pallets and European block pallet.The automatic wood pallet nail machine equipment auto stacking platform , wood pallet lifting device and flip picking device .High Degree automation , smooth closely process , complete nailing and stacking in one time .

The whole machine adopts fully automatic program, the operating system adopts imported PLC control, the touch screen is simple to operate, the control is convenient, and the nailing position is standard; compared to the domestic conventional production technology, multiple processes are completed at one time, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

Automatic Wooden Pallet Nailing Machine 001 1
Automatic Wooden Pallet Nailing Machine 002 1

Depending on the type of wooden pallets being produced, different nailing machines are used. Two common types of wooden pallets are American wooden pallets and European wooden pallets. Accordingly, there are American wooden pallet nailing machines and European pallet nailing machines available. These machines share the same structure and working principle.

Our technical team specializes in providing professional wood pallet nailing solutions tailored to your specific pallet requirements. Our single-man pallet nailing machines are designed to operate automatically, with the only requirement being that a person loads the wood onto the machine. We have made numerous enhancements to our wood pallet nailing machines, ensuring high efficiency and performance. Moreover, we take pride in offering competitive prices for our machines.

Please feel free to reach out to us for further information or specific inquiries regarding our wood pallet nailing machine solutions.

Pallet building machines can be semi-automatic or fully automatic, and they can be customized to produce different sizes and types of pallets. These machines can help to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs, as they can build pallets much faster and more accurately than manual assembly. They also help to reduce waste and improve safety, as they can use up every piece of material and minimize the need for manual handling.

euro pallet
American Wood Pallet

European pallet nailing machine production line

euro pallet line 102

American pallet nailing machine production line

american pallet line 101

Features of Automatic Wooden Pallet Making Machine

1. Touch Screen Control
The touchscreen control can turn anyone into a tech pro in no time. It is easy to learn for even the most tech-phobic users. The modification of the functions can accommodate the operator’s needs. It makes the equipment easier to handle and operate for the operator.

2. Different Working Modes
Our wooden pallet nailing machine has three different working modes:

● Artificial feeding

● Auto Nailing

● Auto stacking

3. Produces Various Types of Pallets
The auto pallet nailing machine can make:

● American standard pallets

● European standard pallets

● Customized pallets according to the customer’s specifications

4. Auto Stacking
The automatic pallet nailing machine has an auto stacking operation mode. The pallet nailing machine processes the wood. After nailing, the wooden pallets are moved to the stacking platform.

5. Nail Gun
The automatic pallet nailing machine consists of a nail gun. A nail gun is a particular type of hammer that assists in putting nails into wood and other raw materials. The typical power source is compressed air.

The nail gun speed is 7 times/second.

6. High-Power Servo Motor
The automatic pallet nailing machine has a high-power servo motor. A servo motor rotates machine parts efficiently and precisely. Servo motors are ideal for precise motor speed, position, and torque control. The power of the servo motor is 1.5 kW.

7. Consistent Working Size
The incredibly precise nature of the mechanical operation guarantees a constant working size.

Technical parameters of wood pallet nailing machine

Product name
Automatic wooden pallet making machine
Working mode
Automatic feeding and stacking
Operation mode
PLC Touch screen
Operational mode
Pneumatic operation
Voltage and power
 220V,380V,415V,customized/ 2kw Servo motor
Air pressure
Tank size
0.2 cubic
Nail gun speed
7 times /second
Production effciency
1-2pcs /min
Apply a nail
Host machine 1660*1970*2217mm
Stacking 2945*2054*1410
Overall dimensions(mm)
Nail application size
Working mode
Automatic feeding of automatic nail stacking
Wood Pallet Processing Line

Working Principle of Wooden Pallets nailing machine

When the pallet nailing machine is working, a person needs to put the sawn wood board on the nailing machine, and then start the switch button of the nailing machine, and the machine automatically completes the rest of the nailing work. When the wood pallet nailing equipment is working, the nailing position is the same, the depth is the same, and the error is less than 1 mm. The machine design is exquisite, stable performance, excellent structure. Can be equipped with leakage nail, empty nail detection device. Time-saving, labor-saving, multi-functional.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Pallet Making Machine

  • Increased efficiency: Automatic pallet making machines can produce pallets much faster than manual pallet making machines. This can lead to significant cost savings for businesses that need to produce large quantities of pallets.
  • Improved accuracy: Automatic pallet making machines can produce pallets with a higher degree of accuracy and consistency than manual pallet making machines. This is important for businesses that need to ensure that their pallets meet specific quality standards.
  • Reduced labor costs: Automatic pallet making machines can reduce the need for manual labor, which can lead to significant cost savings for businesses.
  • Increased safety: Automatic pallet making machines can reduce the risk of workplace injuries, as they eliminate the need for workers to handle heavy materials.

Detailed Photos

Pallet block nailing machine 001

Wood Pallet Block Nailing Machine

pallet Rotating machine 002

Wood Pallet  Rotating Machine

Corners cutting machine 001

Wood Pallet Corners Cutting Machine


Wood Pallet Stacking Machine 

Automatic pallet nailing machine

Automatic Wood Pallet Nailing Machine

pallet branding machine 002

Wood Pallet Branding Machine 

turn over 2

Wood Pallet Turnover Machine

pallet Conveyor 101

Wood Pallet Conveyor

Introduction Of Euro Pallet Nailing Machine Production Line

Wood Pallet Line drawing
Wood Pallet Production Line

Pallet block nailing machine + Automatic pallet nailing machine + Rotating machine + Branding machine +Corners cutting machine + Turnover machine + Stacking machine + Conveyor are connected into a production line.

First of all, block connecting machine aims to assemble pallet blocks and bottom deckboard. Secondly, pallet nailing machine will assemble the pallets. Once upon the nailing process is done, the half-finished pallet will be taken to the rotation part.

Afterwards, the stamp will be imprinted on both sides of the pallet by the branding machine which is usually equipped with four soldering irons.
In the following step, the four corners of the pallet will be chamfered. By stacking pallets with obverse and reverse stacking method, the turnover machine is helpful for storing more pallets on the stacking machine. In the next place, the final pallet will be carried to the stacking machine. Then all the pallets will be stored on the conveyor.
euro pallet line 01

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    Wood Is A Wood Pallet Assembly Machine?

    A wood pallet assembly machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the manufacturing process of wooden pallets. It automates various steps involved in pallet production, such as panel cutting, block cutting, nailing, slotting, chamfering, corner cutting, hot stamping, and stacking. These machines are designed to increase efficiency, productivity, and consistency in the production of wooden pallets.

    Wood pallet assembly machines typically consist of a conveyor system, a nailing station, and a stacking station. The conveyor system moves the wood pieces into the nailing station, where they are automatically nailed together to form a pallet. The stacking station then stacks the finished pallets for easy storage and transport.

    Wood Is Pallet Manufacturing Equipment?

    Pallet manufacturing equipment refers to a range of machinery and tools used in the production and assembly of pallets. These specialized machines are designed to streamline the manufacturing process, improve efficiency, and ensure consistent quality in pallet production.

    Pallet manufacturing equipment main includs:

    Pallet block nailing machine + Automatic pallet nailing machine + Rotating machine + Branding machine +Corners cutting machine + Turnover machine + Stacking machine + Conveyor are connected into a production line.

    Pallet Manufacturing Equipment : Wht Is A Pallet Block Nailing Machine?

    pallet block nailing machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the pallet manufacturing industry. It is designed to automate the process of nailing blocks onto pallets, which are used to provide additional support and stability to the pallet structure. This machine is particularly useful for the production of block pallets, which have blocks placed at the corners and center of the pallet instead of traditional stringers or deck boards.

    Pallet Manufacturing Equipment : Wht Is A Automatic Pallet Nailing Machine?

    An automatic pallet nailing machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the pallet manufacturing industry to automate the process of nailing together the components of a pallet. It is designed to increase efficiency, productivity, and consistency in pallet production.
    Automatic pallet nailing machines are capable of high-speed production, significantly increasing the output compared to manual nailing methods. They can quickly and accurately nail together the various components of a pallet, such as deck boards, stringers, and blocks.

    Pallet Manufacturing Equipment : Wht Is A Pallet Rotating Machine?

    A pallet rotating machine, also known as a pallet turner or pallet flipper, is a piece of equipment used in manufacturing and logistics to rotate or flip pallets. It is designed to help automate the process of turning pallet.

    Pallet Manufacturing Equipment : Wht Is A Pallet Branding Machine?

    A pallet branding machine is a piece of equipment used to brand or mark pallets with a company’s logo, design, or other identifying information. The machine is used to create a visual identity for the pallet, which can help to differentiate it from other pallets and provide a unique identifier for the company’s products.

    Pallet branding machines can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing. They are commonly used to brand pallets that are used for shipping and storage, as well as for display purposes.

    Pallet Manufacturing Equipment : Wht Is A Pallet Corners Cutting Machine?

    A pallet corners cutting machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to cut the corners of pallets in order to create a smooth, rounded edge.

    The machine is equipped with a cutting tool, such as a saw or a router, that is specifically designed to cut the corners of pallets in a precise and efficient manner. The machine can be programmed to cut the corners at specific angles and sizes, depending on the required specifications.

    The process of cutting the corners of pallets is typically done in a production line setting, where the pallets are fed through the machine one by one. The machine automatically adjusts the cutting tool to the correct angle and depth for each pallet, ensuring that the corners are cut accurately and consistently.

    Pallet Manufacturing Equipment : Wht Is A Pallet Turnover Machine?

    A pallet turnover machine is a type of equipment used to automatically flip and rotate pallets during manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping processes.Allows easy and efficient rotation of pallets without manual lifting. This allows access to both sides of a pallet when needed.The machine will lift, flip, and gently rotate the pallet either 90 or 180 degrees before lowering in the same or another conveyor line.

    Pallet Manufacturing Equipment : Wht Is A Pallet Stacking Machine?

    A pallet stacking machine is a type of automated material handling equipment that is designed to stack pallets in a systematic and efficient manner. It replaces manual handling of pallets, making the process faster, safer, and more streamlined. Pallet stacking machines are commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities where there is a need to stack and store palletized goods.
    The primary function of a pallet stacking machine is to stack pallets in a neat and organized manner. It eliminates the need for manual labor and reduces the risk of injuries associated with manual pallet stacking.
    Pallet stacking machines offer several benefits, including increased productivity, reduced labor costs, improved safety, and optimized use of storage space. They can stack pallets at a faster rate than manual labor.

    Pallet Manufacturing Equipment  : Wht Is A Pallet Conveyor ?

    A pallet conveyor is a type of material handling system that uses conveyors specifically designed to transport pallets from one location to another within a facility. It is commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and other industrial settings where palletized goods need to be transported efficiently and systematically.

    A pallet conveyor system typically consists of a series of interconnected conveyor sections or modules specifically designed to handle pallet loads. These conveyor sections work together to move pallets along a predefined path, allowing for the smooth and controlled flow of goods.

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