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  • Laser Type :Fiber laser
  • Running speed :Max 25m/min
  • Machine weight : 1.8-2.5T
  • Working power : ≤7kva, 380V, 50/60HZ, 3 phase
  • Max cutting thickness : 9mm ss, 18mm cs, 5mm brass, 6mm aluminum
  • Auxiliary gas : Air (16mpa air compressor) or Oxygen or Nitrogen
  • Price Range: $14500.00 to $18500.00 
  • Applicable material: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, iron, aluminum,brass.

Product Description

What is A Laser Foam Cutting Machine?

laser foam cutting machine is a new kind of laser cutting machine, which can be used to cut various foam materials at high speed and in small sizes. The whole machine adopts a high-speed laser, imported optical fiber and mechanical structure, which can make the cutting depth in the material less than 1mm.

At present, the high temperature of the laser machine is mainly used for cutting, because the laser beam fine cutting is not easy to be deformed, the cut is smooth, and there is no sticky edge. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, accurate cutting size and high precision. The foam laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting foam materials. It can cut rigid foam, soft foam, and plastic into squares, rectangles, strips, and more profiles and shapes, and input any graphics into the computer for cutting.

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It goes without saying that when it comes to cutting industrial foams, the benefits of using a laser over conventional cutting equipment are evident. Cutting foam with a laser offers many advantages, such as single-step processing, maximum material usage, high quality processing, clean and precise cutting, etc. The laser achieves even the smallest outlines via the use of a precise and non-contact laser cut.

The laser foam cutting machine is a high-precision device that cuts foam blocks into different shapes and sizes. The laser beam passes through the material and creates a process known as thermal cutting. The laser beam burns the foam, which creates a hole in the material.

The laser used in this process is highly focused so it does not spread out over a wide area. This allows you to cut complex designs into your foam blocks.

The machine uses a computer to control the laser-cutting process and ensure accurate results. The software allows you to select the size and shape of your design before starting each cut by moving the laser beam across the surface of the foam block. You can also use this type of machine to cut glass, plastic or other materials with different densities and melting points than foams have.

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Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 30404
  • The open working platform of the laser foam cutting machine facilitates the placement of processed materials, and can cooperate with the large-size honeycomb adsorption platform working in the assembly line to meet the processing of large-format materials.
  • It can meet the needs of small industries such as model industry, handicraft industry, bamboo product industry and so on. Optional functions such as auto focus, red light positioning. which can make this laser foam cutter perfect and maximize its functions.
  • Really achieve multi-function and multi-purpose, time-saving and efficient. The optical path part adopts a hybrid optical path, which has a high utilization rate of light energy, a fully enclosed optical path and strong safety performance.
  • Its control system adopts unique intelligent prediction algorithm and improved control algorithm to ensure high-speed processing, stable and efficient operation speed.
  • The laser energy can be adjusted in real time, which greatly facilitates the operation of customers.
  • The automatic compensation function of high-power cutting energy greatly improves the cutting effect. In short, this model can truly process a wide range of fabrics, with smooth cuts without flash, automatic closing, no deformation, and graphics can be designed at will through the computer and other functions.
Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 30402
Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 30401
Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 30403
Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 30403

Technical Parameter

Laser typeFiber laser
Laser power500W 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W
Applicable materialstainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, iron, aluminum,brass
Max cutting thickness9mm ss, 18mm cs, 5mm brass, 6mm aluminum
Running speedMax 25m/min
Max acceleration1.2G
Stroke of X axis1500mm
Stroke of Y axis3000mm
Stroke of Z axis70mm
Resolution ratio0.025mm
Re-position precision0.01mm
Machine weight1.8-2.5T
Working power≤7kva, 380V, 50/60HZ, 3 phase
Auxiliary gasAir (16mpa air compressor) or Oxygen or Nitrogen
Machine dimension4500mmX2250mmX1600mm

Product Details

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 402

Laser cutting torch

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 403

Control Unit

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 404

Guide rail gear rack protection cover

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 406

YYC linear guide and gear rack

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 408

Water cooling device

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 409

FUJI servo motor and reducer

Cutting foam with laser is a common procedure today because there are arguments that cutting through foam can be quicker and more precise than other methods. In comparison to mechanical processes (usually punching), laser cutting offers consistent cuts without denting or damaging parts on the machinery involved in production lines–and does not require any clean-up afterwards!

  • Laser cutting is precise and accurate, resulting in clean and consistent cuts
  • Foam can be cut quickly and easily with a laser cutter
  • Laser cutting leaves a smooth edge on the foam, which makes it easier to work with
  • The heat of the laser beam melts the edges of the foam, creating a clean and sealed edge
  • Laser is a highly adaptable technique with uses ranging from prototyping to mass production
  • Laser will never blunt or dull like other tools can do over time and usage due to its non-contact nature

Laser Foam Cutting Machine Price

The price of a laser foam cutting machine is based on the features and specifications of the machine, the size of your business and the industry you are in. In general, laser-cutting machines for small businesses start from $12,000 to $30,000. If you want a high-quality machine for large-scale production, then it will cost $48,000 to $80,000.

There are many applications for a foam laser cutting machine.

  • The most common application for a foam laser cutter is in the sign-making industry. The machines can be used to cut vinyl, acrylic and other types of materials as well as wood and card stock. It is also used to cut foam boards and other types of foam.
  • Foam is an excellent material for signage because it is very lightweight and easy to transport. It can also be easily handled by children and those with disabilities due to its softness.
  • Another popular application for a foam laser cutter is in the toy industry. Children’s toys are often made from soft materials such as stuffed animals or dolls which are ideal candidates for a foam laser cutter since they do not require much detail or precision while cutting out their shapes.
Laser Foam Cutting Machine 001

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