Broomstick PVC Coating Machine 202

Broom Stick PVC Coating Machine

  • Processing diameter :19-22mm
  • Processing length :1200mm/1300mm/1400mm
  • Working speed : 0-18m/min
  • Heating tube length : 250mm
  • Heating tube power :3KW
  • Total Power: 4.6KW
  • Application :Broom Stick PVC Coating Machine mainly for the broom stick or mop stick handle for coating PVC automatically.
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Product Description

A Wood Broom Handle PVC Film Laminating Machine is a machine that applies a layer of PVC film to a wooden broom handle. The PVC film helps to protect the wood from moisture and damage, and it also makes the broom handle more durable. The machine typically consists of a conveyor belt, a PVC film laminating station, and a heating system. The broom handles are placed on the conveyor belt and passed through the PVC film laminating station. The PVC film is then heated to cure it.

Broomstick PVC Coating Machine 202

The Wood Broom Handle PVC Laminating Machine is a versatile machine that can be used to coat a variety of wooden broom handles. The machine is easy to operate and can be adjusted to accommodate different broom handle sizes. The PVC film laminating process is also very efficient, and the machine can coat a large number of broom handles in a short amount of time.

Finnal Product:

Automatic Wooden Broom Round Stick

Product Parameters

Total Power:4.6KW
Machine feeding motor200W
Feeding conveyor motor200W
Servo motor1KW
Discharge conveyor motor200W
Heating tube power3KW
Feeding speed:0-18m/min
Processing length:1200mm/1300mm/1400mm
Dimension:Feeding conveyor 2700*1450*1100mm

Main machine:4000*1300*1150mm

Discharge conveyor 2200*400*600mm

Weight:1000 KG

Features of Broom Stick PVC Coating Machine

  • This machine is used for laminating 6pcs broomsticks at a time, with automatic film releasing and automatic film cutting;
  • The machine is conveyed by the transmission chain, the conveying is accurate and stable;
  • The whole machine is controlled by PLC programming; speed/parameters can be adjusted.

Product Display

round stick factory 002
PVC Coating Laminating Machine 302
PVC Coating Laminating Machine 301
Drawing of round rod machine

Advantages of Broom Stick PVC Coating Machine

  1. Protection: The PVC coating acts as a protective layer, shielding the broom stick from damage, moisture, and wear. It helps prevent the wood from splintering or cracking, extending the lifespan of the broom handle.
  2. Enhanced Grip: The PVC coating improves the grip and handling of the broom stick. It offers a non-slip surface, making it easier and more comfortable to hold, especially when the user’s hands are wet or sweaty.
  3. Easy Cleaning: The smooth PVC coating is easy to clean and maintain. It can be wiped down with a damp cloth or cleaned with mild soap and water, ensuring that the broom handle remains hygienic and presentable.
  4. Aesthetics: The PVC coating can enhance the appearance of the broom stick. It provides a uniform, glossy finish that can be customized with different colors or patterns, giving the broom a professional and attractive look.
  5. Durability: PVC is a durable material that can withstand regular use and exposure to various environmental conditions. The coating helps protect the broom handle from scratches, abrasion, and fading over time.
  6. Cost-effective: By extending the lifespan of the broom handle and reducing maintenance requirements, the PVC coating can save money in the long run. It reduces the need for frequent replacements and keeps the broom in good condition for an extended period.

Whole Production Line

Fully automatic production line for pvc coated broomsticks

Fully automatic production line for pvc coated broomsticks01

Fully automatic production line for natural finished broomsticks

Fully automatic production line for natural finished broomsticks 01

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Broomstick PVC Coating Machine 202
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