Optimizing Cross Cut Saw 202

Full Automatic Optimizing Crosscut Saw

  • Saw Motor Performance : 4KW/7.5KW
  • Cutting Height : 10mm-100mm
  • Cutting Width : 20mm-230mm
  • Incoming Length : 350mm-6500mm
  • Max. feed speed :150m/min
  • Electrial connected load :17KW/19KW
  • Application :Optimizing cross cut saw is used in the cutting of wood in furniture, cabinets, sofas, doors and windows, and wood packaging industries.

Product Description

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An optimizing cross-cut saw is a type of saw that is designed to efficiently and accurately cut single boards in solid wood, panels, and similar materials. It is equipped with advanced technology and features that allow it to optimize the cutting process for maximum yield and minimal waste.

Product Parameters

Saw Motor Performance4KW7.5KW
Min. Cut Height10mm15mm
Max. Cut Height50mm100mm
Min. Cut Width25mm25mm
Max. Cut Width230mm230mm
Min. Incoming Length350mm350mm
Max. Incoming Length6500mm6500mm
Min. Nominal Cross-section150*20mm230*20mm
Max. Nominal Cross-section120*50mm160*60mm
Max. Cutting Tolerance up to 1.2m fixed length±0.5mm±0.5mm
Max. feed speed150m/min150m/min
Cutting cycle time(brake, cut, accelerate)≤0.2s≤0.2s
Electrial connected load17KW19KW
Air consumption1000L/min1000L/min
Operating pressure6-8 bar6-8 bar
Exhaust speed30m/s30m/s
Exhaust volume2500m³2500m³

Features of Optimizing Crosscut Saw

1.The main machine belt conveys the feed, and there are 6 sets of feed wheels in the main machine;

2.Servo motors are used for both lifting and feeding, the sawing process is more efficient, stable and accurate;

3.Independent measuring station, a complete set of optimization system, servo motor control feeding and sawing,can set more than 200 groups of sawing lists, can complete multiple task lists at the same time, each group ofsawing specifications reach more than 200 kinds;

4.The operation is very simple: each optimization mode has a simple curing operation mode, which can be completelymastered after simple training;

5.A variety of statistical control: provide accurate and detailed production data for factory management;

6.Prediction function: provide simulation software based on actual raw material statistics database;

7.Networking function: Provides simultaneous control of multiple machines, and can easily create a task list,and analyze statistical data in the office, and then optimize it more reasonably;

8.Online help function: make your operation handy;lt can replace 8-10 traditional sliding table saws.

Advantages of Optimizing Crosscut Saw

  • Precision Cutting: Optimizing cross-cut saws are built to provide precise and accurate cuts, ensuring that each board is cut to the desired length with minimal errors.
  • Maximizing Yield: These saws use optimization algorithms to determine the most efficient cutting order for a given set of parts. By analyzing the dimensions and quantities of the parts, the saw can minimize waste and maximize the yield from each board.
  • Defect Removal: Many optimizing saws also have the capability to detect and remove defects such as knots, wane, and discoloration from the material. This further increases the usable yield and reduces the need for purchasing higher-grade materials.
  • Increased Throughput: Optimizing cross-cut saws are designed for high-speed operation, allowing for faster cutting and increased productivity in woodworking and manufacturing processes.
  • Cost Savings: By optimizing the cutting process and maximizing the yield, optimizing cross-cut saws can help reduce material waste and save costs on purchasing higher-grade materials. This can result in significant savings for businesses in the long run.

Detailed Photos

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Application of Optimizing Crosscut Saw

Optimizing cross-cut saws have various applications in industries that involve cutting and processing wood, panels, and similar materials. These saws are designed to maximize yield, increase productivity, and improve accuracy.

  • Pallet Manufacturing: Optimizing cross-cut saws are widely used in the production of wooden pallets. They can efficiently cut boards to the required lengths, optimizing the use of raw materials and reducing waste .
  • Woodworking and Furniture Manufacturing: Optimizing cross-cut saws are extensively used in woodworking and furniture manufacturing industries. They can accurately cut wood boards, panels, and profiles to the desired lengths, ensuring precise fitting and assembly of furniture components .
  • Flooring and Paneling Production: In the flooring and paneling industry, optimizing cross-cut saws are employed to cut wooden planks or panels to specific lengths. This ensures uniformity and precision in the final products .
  • Door and Window Manufacturing: Optimizing cross-cut saws play a crucial role in the production of doors and windows. They can cut wooden frames, sashes, and other components to precise dimensions, facilitating efficient assembly and installation .
  • Cabinetry and Joinery: Optimizing cross-cut saws are essential in cabinetry and joinery workshops. They enable the accurate cutting of wood pieces for cabinets, shelves, drawers, and other custom-made furniture items .

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