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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  • Laser Type :LP E-20W/30W/50W Laser Source
  • Laser Power : 20W(Power consumption: 500W) 30W (Power consumption: 800W) 50W (Power consumption: 1000W)
  • Repetition Rate(Frequency) : 1-600kHz
  • Pulse Duration : 200ns
  • Laser Wavelength : 1064nm
  • Marking Speed : ≤7000mm/s(275.6in/s)
  • Price Range: $4200.00 to $5800.00 
  • Applicable material: Fiber laser marking machine can work on all metals such as aluminum,stainless steel, brass, copper etc. and some of nonmetal such as nylon ,light button, ABS , PVC ,PES etc.

Product Description

Laser marking is a procedure of leaving marks, symbols or any pictorial notations on the surface of an object. It also involves a colour change due to chemical/molecular alteration, charring, foaming, melting, ablation, and more. The fiber laser marking machine makes use of a fiber laser source. The laser generated is transmitted with the help of an optical fiber that cooperates with high-speed scanning galvanometer, used for workpiece marking.

The laser marking machine utilizes rare earth doped fibers as the gain medium. The presence of fine fiber core in the fiber laser eases the task of producing high power density in the fiber under the action of pump light. It eventually results in an inversion of the number of particles of the laser working substance. As a result, a phenomenon known as “Laser oscillation” occurs, when a positive feedback loop is formed to induce resonant cavity. The wavelength of the incident laser can be made adjustable in order to make it felicitous for numerous applications.

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What Is Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Fiber laser making machine is a new type of CNC laser engraving system that uses fiber laser generator to etch a permanent mark on 2D & 3D surfaces of metals, nonmetals, and metalloids, which is used in hobbyist, small business, small shop, home use, home business, school education, commercial use, and industrial manufacturing. It uses a high-energy 1064nm laser beam to remove excess parts on the surface of the substrate and engrave permanent photos, patterns, or text.

Its professional for fine metal engraving with high precision, high quality, and high speed. With a rotary attachment, it can etch on cylinders such as pens, rings, tools, cups, mugs, and tumblers. With the MOPA laser source, color engraving can be performed on stainless steel and titanium. The higher laser power allows deep engraving of metals and even cutting of thin metals.

Features of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  • The laser engraver adopts a scanning system for high-speed magnetic induction motor control with laser routes to the advantages of high accuracy and speed.
  • Fiber laser model has a over 100,000 hours service life. Almost no maintenance during this period.
  • Permanent marking: Laser marking is a permanent marking. It won’t fade, run or become less discernable as time passes like traditional marking including ink jet, hand engraving, dot-peen marking.
  • Support coding, serial number, batch number, date number, two-dimensional bar codes and other codes marking.
  • Processed products arbitrary depth adjustable: Marking a clear, beautiful, permanent and difficult to wear.
  • High precision: 0.0025mm re-position accuracy. Minimum line width 0.01mm.
  • Non-contact process: Won’t cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress to materials. Laser beam won’t move the work piece.
  • Powerful software, which can support autocad, CordlDRAM mapping dxf, plt and bmp format.
  • Support almost all Windows-based software like Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop. No need to adjust Q-switch easier than YAG diode marking machine.
  • The rotary attachment is optional for cups, rings, pens, and more rotating marking projects.
Fiber Laser Marking Machine details

Technical Parameter

Marking AreaA Type.110×110mm(4.3×4.3in) B Type. 150×150mm(5.9×5.9in) C Type.175×175mm (6.9×6.9in)
Max. Material Thickness300mm(11.8in) by 110×110mm lens 250mm(9.8in) by 150 ×150mm lens 206mm(8.1in)by 175×175mm lens
Laser TypeLP E-20W/30W/50W Laser Source
Repetition Rate(Frequency)1-600kHz
Pulse Duration200ns
Control BoardBJ JCZ Board(Original)
Soft ProgramEZCAD 2 (Compatible with Lightburn Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10)
Output Poweradjustment Range10%-100%
Laser Wavelength1064nm
Marking Speed≤7000mm/s(275.6in/s)
Laser Power20W(Power consumption: 500W) 30W (Power consumption: 800W) 50W (Power consumption: 1000W)
Engraving Depth20W—– ≤0.2mm(0.008in) 30W—— ≤0.4mm(0.016in) 50W——- ≤1mm(0.039in)
ConnectionUSB Connection.
Electrical Requirements110V-240V/50Hz-60Hz(According to local electricity supply).
Packing Size785*505*775mm Wooden Case

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Advantages

  • – Metal Deep Engraving
  • – Metal Surface Processing
  • – High Frequency Line Processing
  • F-theta Scan Lens.typically Distortion Less Than 1%, Air-spaced Design and High Efficiency Ar Coatings Excellent Throughput and Durability.
  • EZCAD 2 Stable Performance and High Reliability,ensuring Higher Stability and Shield-utilizing Part of Complex Functions. Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
  • Quickly Find the Focal Length Without Using a Ruler, Just to See if the Red Dots and Red Lines Overlap on the Surface of the Product Which You Want to Mark.
  • Customer and Technical Support. Easy Operation, English User Manual and Video.

Application Scene of Portable Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaner

The laser marking machine has wide applications and is primarily employed for marking logo, words, brand, date, series number, batch number, sign, drawing, photo, QR code, etc. on the surface of metal & non-metal material. The range of metals include stainless steel, alloy, metal plate, aluminum, silver, gold, etc. and the non-metals include plastic: engineering plastic and hard plastic, etc. It is also used in electronic equipment, such as- integrated circuits, mobile communications, precision instruments, glass watches and clocks, computer keyboards.

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