Handheld Laser Rust Remover Tool for Sale

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Laser Rust Remover Tool

  • Laser Type :CW Laser (Continuous Wave Laser)
  • Laser Source Power : 1000W/1500W/2000W
  • Scanning Width : 160±10mm
  • Cleaning Efficiency : 15-45㎡/h
  • Input Voltage : 220V, 1Phase
  • Cooling Method : Water Cooling
  • Price Range: $8500.00 to $9000.00 
  • Application to multiple scenarios-Mold cleaning,paint stripping or coating removal,pre-treatment of parts before spraying,aerospace component cleaning,oxides removal pre-treatment before soldering or welding,etc

Product Description

Handheld fiber Laser Rust Remover is a manual portable laser cleaner with 1000W, 1500W, or 2000W CW fiber laser generator for rust removal, paint stripping, coating removal, plating, oil, stain, dirt cleaning for metal, ceramic, stone, and rubber mold residue cleaning. Now the affordable portable handheld laser cleaning machine for sale at cost price.

What is Laser Rust Remover and How Does it Work?

Laser cleaning machines are also known as laser rust remover,laser cleaners, laser rust removal machines, laser rust cleaning machines, laser paint stripping machines, laser paint removal machines, laser coating removal machines, laser oxide removal machines, laser oil cleaning machines, laser dirt cleaning machines, laser descaler machines

A laser cleaning machine is an eco-friendly power cleaning tool for surface treatment with handheld laser cleaning gun or CNC controller. A laser rust remover is used to remove rust, coatings, paint, oil, oxides, grease, resin, glue, dust, stains, residues, and more surface materials through instant high temperature ablation generated by laser beam on the surface of an object.

Laser cleaning is an environmentally friendly laser ablation or photoablation method to replace chemical and mechanical cleaning methods.Laser cleaning machine is a type of laser ablation machine to irradiate and heat the surface material of the object with a CW (Continuous Wave) laser or pulsed laser and make it evaporate or sublime to achieve the purpose of removing the surface material.

There are two most common types of laser cleaning machines:

One is CW fiber laser cleaning machine, another one is pulsed laser cleaning machine.CW fiber laser cleaning machine uses handheld clean head with continuous laser source. The advantage of CW cleaning machine is high cost performance.

If you have low requirements for laser cleaning and only remove rust or thin paint of stainless steel, mild steel and iron, the cost effective CW laser cleaning machine can meet the requirements.CW laser cleaning machine powers support 1000W 1500W 2000W.

Pulsed laser cleaning machine is equipped with pulse laser source and galvo clean head. If you have high-value products need to clean and without harm the base materials, that must be use pulsed laser cleaning machine system.

Laser cleaners are designed for laser degreasing, laser paint removal, laser zinc removal, laser film removal, laser coating. Laser cleaning machines are mainly used for rust removal from metal surface, paint removal treatment, plating, coating removal, oil, stain, dirt cleaning, and rubber mold residue cleaning.

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Features of Handheld Laser Rust Remover

  • Continuous fiber laser cleaner can be used to remove attachments or coatings on the surface of objects, including rust removal, paint removal, oil removal, cultural relic cleaning, glue removal, coating removal, plating removal, etc.
  • It has the advantages of no grinding, non­contact, and no pollution, etc.
  • Wide Material Applicability, Flexible and Efficient Application in Various Industrial Processing Scenarios.
  • Handheld Laser Cleaning Head, Light and Easy to Use, Can Be Used for Long-time Operation.
  • With universal casters, It is easy to move and install.
  • No need chemical detergent, no consumable,no damage, no pollution;High cleaning efficiency, time-saving.
  • Stable laser cleaning system,free maintenance.
  • All the materials used in the products come from the best manufacturers, such as Maxphotonics, JPT, Schneider, etc.
  • Electrical and circuit scientific planning, layout, standardized production process, high quality.
  • For the cleaning system, you need to double-click the switch to start cleaning, which is safer to operate and avoid mistakes.
  • Dust removal system to avoid damage to the lens caused by dust pollution, reduce replacement, reduce machine cost, and improve cleaning efficiency.
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Technical Parameter

Laser Source Power1000W/1500W/2000W
Scanning Width160±10mm
Laser TypeContinuous/Modulation
Total Power6000-10000W(Including Chiller)
Cleaning Efficiency15-45㎡/h
Cable LengthStandard 10m(customizable 15m)
Laser Wavelength1080±1nm
Input Voltage220V, 1Phase
Environment Humidity≤70% No Condensation
Cooling MethodWater Cooling
Cooling Water RequirementsPurifiedor Distilled Water
Machine Dimension(mm)870*560*1050
Machine Weight(kg)145/165/180

Product Details

Portable Handheld Laser Rust Remover 04

Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

  • Laser cleaning machine for metal rust paint oil,etc.
  • Energy saving and environmental pretection.
  • No damage to the base material.
  • Cost saving, cleaning evenly.
  • Adjustable Parameters to fit various materials and processing needs.
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Laser Cleaning Head(Upgrade)

  • Independent research and development,lightweight and easy to use.
  • 400mm focal length,cleaning width up to 160mm.
  • Short focus,large cleaning width,high tolerance,low light attenuation.
  • Flexible and easy to clean on large irregular workpieces.
MAX Laser Source

MAX Laser Source

  • High beam quality
  • Alternative lamp pump lasers
  • High photoelectric conversion efficiency
  • Pulse and continuous working modes
  • High pulse power, stable power, and high peak power
Hanli Chiller 01

Hanli Chiller

  • Intelligent control self-adaptive hot and cold dual temperature adjustment.
  • Separate cooling of cleaning head and laser source.
  • Stable laser output,fast and energysaving.
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Smart Control Panel

  • Full touch screen operation interface,multilingual support.
  • Work status is clear at g glance.
  • Process libary design,set once,use at any time.
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Application Industries&Scenarios

  • Aviation/Marine/Electromechanical/Rubber Mold/Auto Parts/Food Processing
  • Mold cleaning,paint stripping or coating removal,pre-treatment of parts before spraying,aerospace component cleaning,oxides removal pre-treatment before soldering or welding.

Handheld Laser Rust Remover Advantages

Compared with the traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, liquid solid strong impact cleaning and high frequency ultrasonic cleaning, manual laser cleaner has obvious advantages.

1. It is a “green” cleaning method. It does not need any chemical reagent and cleaning liquid. The waste cleaned is basically solid powder. It is small, easy to store and recycle, and can easily solve the environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning.

2. The traditional cleaning method is contact cleaning, which has mechanical force on the surface of the cleaning object, damages the surface of the object or the cleaning medium adheres to the surface of the object being cleaned, which can not be removed, resulting in secondary pollution. The non-abrasion and non-contact nature of laser cleaning make these problems easy to solve.

3. Laser can be transmitted through optical fibers, cooperate with robots and robots, realize remote operation conveniently, and can clean the parts that are not easy to reach by traditional methods, which can ensure the safety of personnel in some dangerous places.

4. The portable fiber laser cleaner can remove pollutants and contaminants from many types of materials without damaging.

5. The portable fiber laser cleaner has high efficiency and saves time.

6. Although the purchase of laser cleaning system has a high one-time investment in the early stage, the cleaning system can be used stably for a long time with low operation cost.

Laser cleaning is considered to be the most reliable and effective solution because of its non-abrasive, non-contact, non-thermal effect and applicability to various materials. Laser cleaning will be instead of traditional chemical and mechanical cleaning methods for environmental protection and safety.

How Much Does Handheld Laser Rust Remover Cost?

The portable handheld laser cleaning machine cost depends on different configurations and features. The price of 1000W handheld laser cleaning machine starts from $8500.00. The price range of 1500W portable laser cleaner is from $9800.00. The minimum cost of 2000W high power portable laser cleaning machine is $124,800.00. Even if the configurations are similar, the costs from different manufacturers are not the same. Because the cost not only involves configurations, but also includes shipping, brand, after-sales service, and other factors.

Application Scene of Handheld Laser Rust Remover

Removing the burnt rubber residue from tire molds; giving a new life to old pipelines; cleaning pipes in nuclear power plants; and even larger projects such as removing paint from a rusty bridge and preparing welding surfaces are all projects that can benefit from industrial laser cleaning.

This non-contact cleaning technique can be used in countless industrial applications. The only limit is the capacity to discriminate between the material to be removed and the one to be protected.

At the moment, the most common laser cleaning applications include:

  • Welding pre-treatments to remove rust and other contaminants from welding areas
  • Welding post-treatments to remove aluminum and stainless-steel oxides
  • Laser surface preparation to maximize paint adhesion
  • Laser oxide removal from specialty alloy ingots
  • Coating removal just after the coating process to replace part masking in production lines
  • Depainting parts that would otherwise be scrapped due to paint defects
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Why choose laser cleaning?

Nearly In almost all industries, lasers can provide quick cleaning and surface preparation. The laser is conveniently automatic and has lower maintenance and Low operational cost. The laser system removes rust, oil, and grate, strips paints or coatings, or changes the surface texture and finish to improve adhesion, for example, by adding roughness.

  • No abrasive chemicals while processing, no contamination isolation, and disposal issues
  • Zero solvents while laser cleaning process-a chemical-free process and a Fully environmentally friendly approach
  • We have a choice to select the area to be cleaned, Thus saves time and money
  • It is a non-contact method that never deteriorates its efficiency
  • An easily programmable System that can reduce running costs by reducing labor costs while ensuring greater consistency with performance

Laser cleaning also referred to as laser surface cleaning, has been an essential and vital method for many industries worldwide. Laser Cleaning application is by no means the only form of cleaning technique, and several other forms of cleaning methods have been used before.

However, laser cleaning was launched to the industry to overcome some of the challenges posed by these other processes and give their customers a different series of benefits.

As discussed, other types of cleaning processes were readily accessible to industries, including some dry-ice blasting, media blasting, or cleaning using the presence of organic solvents, which were sufficient to complete the work in the hands. The concern is that all these techniques often had multiple unintended side effects.

The greatest concern with these processes is that they are abrasive and sometimes life-threatening. Not just do they have environmental impacts, but they also have safety concerns, as a significant amount of potentially hazardous waste is also generated by all these cleaning methods.

What is the best treatment for rust? Laser rust remover VS sandblasting

Laser cleaning can serve a similar function as sandblasting whenever it comes to rust removal, various iron oxide, oil, grease, inks, paints & coatings. But laser ablation eliminates pollutants with hardly any effect on the substrate surface. It is not guaranteed in the case of sandblasting.

In addition, certain products, considering the seemingly harmful results, are easier to clean or more efficient with sandblasting. It means that when comparing laser cleaning over sandblasting, the correct response can depend on the type of substance that needs to be cleaned.

What are some Laser cleaning benefits to the user?

First, there is no issue with substrate wear since there is no mechanical, chemical, or thermal stress on the substrate, and the operation will impact only organic substrates. Second, It produces very little waste, and the residue left over is not at all harmful, such as dust and some particles.

Next, it is a fully automated operation, which means that it requires input from the operator. It has both reliability and cost advantages, but it also provides yet another level of protection by eliminating the operator from the process as far as possible. It also ensures that activities are performed in hazardous or toxic conditions.

In specific, as discussed above, rust cleaning lasers & fiber lasers give their users significant levels of control when it comes to output power, wavelengths, and pulse variables. Operations are being carried out with high precision, and all of this combined helps users clean any surface with the exact parameters they need.

Another benefit of the technique, again with fiber lasers, is its ability to complete micro or nano applications. Many global markets have evolved significantly in recent years, and components, parts, and goods have become smaller(up to the nano level) and more complicated. It has seen an increased demand for a method that can operate on a micro level to complete minor tasks or work with small objects.

International Shipping Around the World

Are you looking forward to buy an affordable automatic, portable, or handheld Laser cleaning Machines for rust removal, paint stripping, coating removal, oxide removal, plating, oil, stain, dirt cleaning for metal, ceramic, stone, and rubber mold residue cleaning in USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Africa, China, India or other countries?

We’ll offer you 2022 cheap fiber Laser cleaning Machines with 1000W, 1500W, or 2000W laser power, and expert cleaning service to fit your custom cleaning plans, projects, and ideas.

All the laser equipment can be shipped worldwide by sea, by air or by international express logistics via DHL, FEDEX, UPS. You are welcome to get a free quotation by filling up the form with name, email, detailed address, product and requirements, we will shortly contact you with the full information including the most suitable delivery method (fast, secure, discreet) and freight.

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