Tube Pipe Laser Cutting Machine 303

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for sale

  • Laser Type :Fiber laser
  • Cutting Speed:120m/min
  • Cutting Thickness : 30 mm
  • Function : Cutting Metal Materials
  • Mode of Operation : continuous wave
  • Dimension : 6-12m length
  • Price Range: $24500.00 to $28500.00 
  • Applicable Industries: Fitness equipment industry, Advertising metal signs, Construction machinery industry, Shipbuilding Industry, Cabinet industry

Product Description

What is Tube Laser Cutting Machine?

The tube laser cutting machine is mainly used to cut various metal hollow round pipe materials, such as stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, galvanized pipe and other industrial and civil metal pipes.This kind of pipe is generally used in building materials, industrial pipes, office furniture, sports and fitness equipment and so on.

A laser tube cutter is an automatic CNC pipe cutting system that uses laser beam to cut square tubes, round tubes, oval pipes, rectangular tubes, triangular tubes, hexagonal tubes, elliptical tubes and some custom special shape pipes made of carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, mild steel, aluminum, alloy, brass, bronze, copper and titanium. A laser metal tube cutter machine is a dieless cutting system to cut any types of designs on metal pipes in any angle and direction. Compared with plasma cutting, flame cutting, water jet cutting, and wire cutting, the precision of laser-cut metal is much higher without grinding.

The tube laser cutting machine adopts fiber laser and is the preferred cutting machine for small and medium-sized enterprises.With the maturity and rapid development of laser technology, it has begun to be widely used in various industries.The laser cutting technology has also developed from sheet metal cutting to metal tube cutting.

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How Does A Laser Tube Cutter Work? 

The fiber laser pipe cutting machine uses a fiber laser to output a high energy density laser beam and focus it on the surface of the pipe. The area on the tube irradiated by the ultra-fine focus light spot is instantly melted and vaporized. The spot irradiation position is moved by the CNC mechanical system to realize automatic cutting. It is high-tech equipment that integrates advanced fiber laser technology, digital control technology, and precision automated technology.

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Features of Laser Tube Cutting Machine

1. The fiber laser tube cutter machine bed will go through 600℃ heat treatment, 24 hours cooling in the oven, 8 meters gantry milling, accurate CO2 protection welding to make sure 20 years usage without deformation.With the above actions, all bad results will be get rid of. The cutting precision can reach ±0.02mm.

2. The fiber laser tube cutting machine adopts China best brand Raycus or Germany IPG fiber laser generator to get the best cutting quality.

3. Swiss Raytools brand laser cutting head. Optimization of the optical configuration smooth efficient air flow design.

4. The rotary device adopts multiple automatically segmented feeding method, fast and precision, easy for clamping to reduce the distance from laser processing head to the pipe ends, reducing the material head waste, improve material utilization.

5. The numerical control system configuration with Cypcut software to meet the requirements of different tubes cutting.

6. For all types of large diameter tolerances, fuzzy boundaries, stepping device selectively gripping and pre-set torque to ensure the holder is not easy deformation of thin-walled tube.

7. Air system can simultaneously access three different auxiliary gas and automatic conversion. High pressure gas path designed to improve the capacity of cutting of stainless steel and other hard materials. Through the solenoid and proportional valves can automatically switch oxygen, nitrogen and air, and the gas pressure can be within a certain range stepless adjustment.

Advantages of CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine

The cutting principle of laser tube cutting machines and flat laser tube cutting machines is not much different. A laser tube cutting machine is used for standard metal tubes (round tubes, rectangular tubes, elliptical tubes, etc.), profiles (channel steel, angle steel, etc.), and some shaped tubes.

Compared to traditional processing techniques, it has the following advantages:

  • With high cutting accuracy, the accuracy of the cut contour can reach ±0.05mm.
  • The cut is flat, burr-free, with a fine cut and low material loss.
  • It is non-contact processing, and the heat-affected zone of laser cutting is very small, with almost no deformation.
  • It has high cutting efficiency and can realize mass production.
  • It has good flexibility and can change or replace products by using a professional CNC system and a complete set of material programming software.

Thus, a professional laser tube cutter can replace mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, punching, or burr cleaning, which requires equipment and hard tools to process different metal tubes.

It can realize complex tube structure cutting, chamfering, slotting or hole cutting, scribing, and other possible size and shape features. A laser pipe cutting machine is very widely used. It is used in sheet metal processing, kitchenware, lighting, automotive, medical equipment, hardware, fitness equipment, and other industries

Technical Parameter

Weight (KG)
Applicable Material
Key Selling Points
High-accuracy – Competitive Price
Optical Lens Brand
Laser Type
Fiber Laser
3 years
Cutting Area
3000*1500mm 4000*2000mm 6000*2000mm 8000*2000mm 8000*2500mm
Applicable Industries
Fitness equipment industry, Advertising metal signs, Construction machinery industry, Shipbuilding Industry, Cabinet industry
Cutting Speed
Machinery Test Report
Graphic Format Supported
Video outgoing-inspection
Cutting Thickness
30 mm
Warranty of core components
3 years
CNC or Not
Core Components
Pressure vessel, Motor, Other, Bearing, Gear, Pump, Gearbox, Engine, PLC, Laser source, Laser head, Chiller
Cooling Mode
Mode of Operation
continuous wave
Place of Origin
gantry type
Brand Name
Products handled
Sheet Metal and Tube
Laser Source Brand
High efficiency
Laser Head Brand
Au3tech/ Raytools/ WSX/ Precitec
Cutting Metal Materials
Servo Motor Brand
Showroom Locations
United States, Italy
Guiderail Brand
Metal sheet cutting
Control System Brand
6-12m length

Product Details

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 402

Laser cutting torch

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 403

Control Unit

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 404

Guide rail gear rack protection cover

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 406

YYC linear guide and gear rack

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 408

Water cooling device

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 409

FUJI servo motor and reducer

How Much Does A Tube Laser Cutter Cost?

The average cost of tube laser cutters in the market is around $48,000, and the cost of a professional 1000W laser tube cutting machine starts at $46,500, while some 2000W and 3000W laser tube cutters can be up to $78,000. The high-end types with automatic feeding system for loading & unloading is priced from $70,500 to $117,500. The cost of a dual-purpose sheet metal and tube laser cutting machine costs from $41,500 to $120,000. Most dealers have free shipping promotions if you are pickup from local depot, and shipping costs should be considered if you are buying overseas.

Tube Laser Cutting Machine Applications

Can cut all kinds of metal plates and pipes, mainly used in stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized steel, all types of alloy plates, rare metals, etc. Rapid cutting of materials.

They are widely used in kitchen appliances, sheet metal chassis, and cabinets, machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware, advertising signage, auto parts, etc. Display equipment, all kinds of metal products, sheet metal cutting processing, and other industries.

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