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MOPA Laser Marking Machine

  • Laser Type :MOPA fiber laser
  • Laser Power : 20W/30W /60W
  • Repetition Rate(Frequency) : 1-600kHz
  • Pulse Width : 200ns
  • Laser Wavelength : 1064nm
  • Marking Speed : ≤7000mm/s(275.6in/s)
  • Price Range: $4800.00 to $6600.00 
  • Applicable material: MOPA laser marking machine is suitable for mobile phone back cover, IPAD, aluminum blackening, mobile phone buttons, plastic transparent buttons, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, communication products, sanitary ware, tool accessories, knives, glasses and watches , Jewelry, auto parts, luggage buckles, cooking utensils, stainless steel products and many other industries. 

Product Description

MOPA laser is a great invention, that can mark, engrave etch products for credentials, or decorative purposes.

The MOPA laser generates a power source that provides more amplitude and pulse frequency from 1 to 4000 kHz. It has different engraving effects over metal and plastics as compared to fiber Q-switched lasers technology.

MOPA laser offers an amazing solution for better finishing on plastic materials and etching different colors on titanium, stainless steel, or aluminum. With this technology, you can efficiently expand the possibilities of marking metals and plastics.

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What Is MOPA Laser Marking Machine?

MOPA laser marking machine is a fiber laser engraving system with main oscillation power amplification. MOPA refers to main oscillation power amplification. MOPA laser marking machine can easily black out alumina and aluminum alloy, and it can also be used on stainless steel and titanium. Color patterns are marked on metal materials such as chrome, chromium, etc., but it is difficult for other laser equipment to do this.

MOPA laser marking machine adopts direct electric modulation semiconductor laser as the fiber laser of the seed source (MOPA) scheme, which has good laser characteristics and good pulse shape control ability.

MOPA laser marking machine outputs laser light from MOPA fiber laser with adjustable pulse width, and realizes marking function through high-speed scanning galvanometer system. With high-quality laser beam, low cost of use, 100,000 hours of maintenance-free, it is suitable for alumina blackening, stainless steel coloring, black plastic whitening, white plastic blackening and other fields. The laser pattern fonts are environmentally friendly and meet ROHS standards.

Mopa laser marking machine more possibilities for marking metals and plastics.Mopa laser marking machine can also mark plastics higher-contrast and more legible results, mark (anodised) aluminum in black or create reproducible colours on steel. Expand your possibilities when marking metals and plastics.In addition, you can produce qualitatively equivalent markings with the MOPA laser often faster than with the conventional fiber laser.

With the MOPA laser, the pulse durations can be set to predefined values between 4 and 200 ns. The MOPA laser is one of the most flexible lasers on the market and can be used for many applications: With respect to pulse duration, it can simulate the properties of conventional fiber lasers (relatively long pulses) and those of classical solid state lasers (relatively short pulses) such as Nd:YAG or Nd:YVO4 (vanadate).

How does MOPA Laser Marking Machine Work?

Marking machines satisfy the requirement for identification and traceability of material by creating a permanent or temporary mark. The MOPA configuration consists of two gas discharge chambers:

  • The master oscillator is a single-frequency laser that is used to insert lock lasers and the optical amplifier
  • The power amplifier improves light to boost the output power

Surface oxidation is the principle of laser color etching. Scientifically in the presence of air, material surfaces react to develop thin oxide layers. The material surface is heated by using a laser beam, to form a thin oxide film.

After maintaining the material surface temperature, you can get a uniform color. The intensity of the oxide layer grows to forms a thin film impression. The oxide layer is useful to protect the material against scratching and corrosion.

The color laser etching for acrylic is achieved by adding a color dye powder. This works with regular engraving then pressing a special powder on the engraved material by laser machine.

Features of MOPA Laser Marking Machine

  • Low costs of maintenance: The built-in fiber laser head is practically maintenance free and absolutely reliable. The energy consumption of the laser markers is very low. Costs for consumables, laser machine maintenance do not incur.
  • High speed laser marking: Fiber laser marker has been developed for marking large quantities of small- to medium-sized parts. The laser marking machine is able to mark pens, usb-sticks or dataplates in only a few seconds.
  • Simple Operation: The preinstalled fiber laser marker software acts like a printer driver. It works with all graphics, CAD and label printing software. No importing or converting is necessary, just use a simple print command.
  • Double Red Positioning: Two red light to help you easily be able to align the correct focal length,Only need to adjust the height of the table until the two red light coincidence.
  • Free of Maintenance: Fiber laser marking system can be used for 8-10 years without any consumables and no need to adjust the laser path
  • Higher Accuracy: Fiber laser can reach unto 0.001mm precision, while diode only 0.01mm.
  • Foot switch: A large number of repeated marking the same object, do not need to use the computer every time to start marking, just press the foot switch can be
  • Occupies small place: The machine size is only the host computer so big, you can put any place you want to put, very convenient
Fiber Laser Marking Machine details

Technical Parameter

 Marking Area 110×110mm(4.3×4.3in)

150×150mm(5.9×5.9in)                     Optional


 Maximum Material Thickness 300mm(11.8in)@110×110mm
 Laser Type JPT
Repetition Rate(Frequency) 1-2000KHZ@JPT
Pulse Width6-250ns
 Output power adjustment range 10%-100%
 Marking Speed ≤7m/s(275.6in/s) ≤7m/s(275.6in/s) ≤7m/s(275.6in/s)
 Engraving Depth ≤0.2mm(0.008in) ≤0.4mm(0.016in) ≤1mm(0.024in)
 Minimum Line Width 0.01mm(0.0004in)                     Depends on the material
 Minimum Character 0.2mm(0.008in)                         Depends on the material
 Electrical Requirements 110V-240V/50Hz-60Hz(According to local electricity supply).
 Power consumption 500W 800W 1000W
 Marking Interface USB connection.Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
 Communication Mode For Automation TCP/IP,IO,RS232.
 Marking Content barcodes,serial numbers,text,vector,and logos.
 Red Dot Pointer

 Since the laser beam is invisible,the Red Dot Pointer allows you
to have a visual reference for locating where the laser will fire.

Advantages of MOPA Laser Marking Machine

MOPA configuration is principally more complicated than a laser. The heat-affected zone is reduced for lower pulse energy that results in more feasibilities for laser marking of metals and plastics. The MOPA concept can have certain advantages:

  • MOPA lasers provide the highest beam quality and long diode life
  • The optical intensities are low amplifier, as compared to intensities in a laser
  • A gain-switched laser diode gives more flexibility that can be favorable to neglect the additional optical elements
  • It is simple to combine an existing laser with an existing amplifier instead of developing a higher output power laser
  • It is simpler to achieve the expected performance with a MOPA instead of a laser e.g. the required power is high for linewidth, beam quality, wavelength tuning range, or pulse duration
  • It may be useful to modulate the low-power seed laser by adjusting the amplifier’s pump power or adjust an optical modulator between the seed laser and power amplifier

Application of  MOPA Laser Marking Machine

  • Aluminum sheet stripped surface: No deformation, fine marking.
  • Aluminum sheet black color marking.
  • Metal depth marking.
  • Stainless steel color marking: marking different colors by setting the parameters.
  • PCB, ABS, plastic without yellow color.
  • Light transmission paint keyboard: easy to make it pervious to light.
  • Electronic, semiconductor components, ITO precision machining: the pulse can be adjusted to get best facula, and make the power balance.
  • DIY custom metal credit cards with titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, gold, and silver.
MOPA Laser Marking Machine application

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