Photovoltaic Wood Pallet Nailing Machine

  • Working mode :Automatic feeding and stacking
  • Operation mode:PLC Touch screen
  • Air pressure: 0.8MPA
  • Nail gun speed:7 times /second
  • Production efficiency:50-60pcs/hr
  • Apply a nail : Less than 80mm,can be customized
  • Application :Photovoltaic Wood Pallet Nailing Machine is mainly used in the production of Photovoltaic Wood Pallets.

Product Description

Photovoltaic Wood Pallet

Product Parameters

Product nameAutomatic wooden pallet nailing machine
Working modeManual feeding, automatic nailing and stacking
Operation modeTouch screen control(PLC)
Operational modePneumatic operation
Working pallet sizeAdjustable
Voltage and power220V 2kw Servo motor or customized
Air pressure0.8MPA
Tank size0.2 cubic
Nail gun speed7 times /second.
Production efficiency50-60pcs/hr
Apply a nailLess than 80mm,can be customized

Machine Size

Nailing machine   3660*1842*1604mm (adjustable)
 Stacking machine  3500*2054*1410mm (adjustable)

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