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Log Multi Blade Gang Rip Saw Machine For Sale

  • Raw Material :Round Wood
  • Feeding Wood Diameter :200-500mm
  • Cutting Length(mm) :800-6000mm
  • Saw Blade Diameter : 305mm/480mm/650mm/800mm
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Power of Spindle Motor : 3800r/Min
  • Application :Suitable for long logs, any kind of wood processing.
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Product Description

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A log multi-blade gang rip saw machine is a specialized woodworking machine used for ripping or cutting logs into multiple boards or planks simultaneously. It is designed to handle large logs and increase productivity in the lumber industry.

Log multi-blade gang rip saw machines are specifically designed to handle logs of various sizes and diameters .They are equipped with multiple circular saw blades mounted on a spindle or arbor, allowing for simultaneous cutting of multiple boards or planks in a single pass.This significantly increases production capacity and efficiency, reducing the time and labor required for log processing.

These machines are engineered to provide precise and accurate cuts on logs .The multiple blades are aligned and spaced evenly to ensure consistent board or plank thickness and smooth surfaces.This precision and accuracy result in high-quality lumber that meets the desired specifications.

Log multi-blade gang rip saw machines typically offer adjustable cutting widths .Operators can set the desired width of the boards or planks, allowing for flexibility in meeting specific requirements or market demands.This feature enables the machine to handle a variety of applications, such as flooring, construction, or furniture manufacturing.

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Product Parameters

Cutting Diameter(mm)
Cutting Diameter(mm)
Saw Blade Size(mm)
Saw Blade Speed(r/min)
Spindle Power(kw)
Frequency Control(m/min)

Features of Wood Log Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine

1. The upper and lower drive shafts synchronously rotate, and the feeding is powerful. It can move forward and backward freely, no wood stuck.

2. The equipment adopts imported double bearing design. The key components, such as spindle and bushing, are processed by super-fine external grinding machine under the advanced technology of heat treatment process, electroplating process and numerical control process. The surface strength and precision is higher with smaller vibrating, that ensure longer practical life.

3. The humanized design of the key parts is truly waterproof, dustproof and easy to maintain, without damaging each saw blade.
4. The cooling system has been redesigned with an advanced in-shaft water spray method for more complete cooling.
5. Upper pressing roll automatically increase tensile force to ensure stable feeding.
6. The main chassis is integrated, more stable and not deformed.

Whole Production Line

The multiple rip saw machine cutting line is used for producing customized width planks at one time.

Saw line include feeding chain, rotation centering feeding conveyor, Main multi blade rip saw machine and automatic discharge conveyor with pushing final boards.

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Rotation centering feeding conveyor

Automatic discharge conveyor with pushing

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is A Log Multi Blade Rip Saw?

    A Log Multi Blade Rip Saw is a machine used to cut logs into lumber. The machine consists of a series of saw blades that are mounted on a rotating shaft. The logs are fed into the machine, and the saw blades cut them into boards. The boards are then ejected from the machine.

    Log Multi Blade Rip Saws are typically used in sawmills to cut logs into lumber. The machines can be used to cut a variety of different types of logs, including softwoods and hardwoods. The machines can also be used to cut logs of different sizes.

    Log Multi Blade Rip Saws are a versatile and efficient way to cut logs into lumber. The machines are easy to operate and can be used by a variety of different people. The machines are also relatively inexpensive to operate.

    Advantages of  Log Multi Blade Rip Saw

    1. Increased Efficiency: A log multi-blade rip saw can cut through logs much faster and more efficiently than a traditional single-blade saw. This is because the multiple blades allow for a greater cutting capacity, enabling you to process more wood in less time.
    2. Improved Accuracy: The multiple blades on a log multi-blade rip saw help to maintain a consistent cutting width, which results in more accurate cuts. This is especially important when cutting large logs or when making repeated cuts.
    3. Reduced Vibration: The multiple blades on a log multi-blade rip saw help to reduce vibration, which can make the cutting process smoother and more comfortable for the operator. This can also help to reduce the risk of injury from prolonged use.
    4. Lower Maintenance: The multiple blades on a log multi-blade rip saw are designed to be self-sharpening, which means that they can maintain their cutting edge even after extended use. This can help to reduce the amount of maintenance required, saving you time and money in the long run.
    5. Versatility: A log multi-blade rip saw can be used for a variety of tasks, including cutting firewood, fencing, and even timber framing. The multiple blades make it possible to cut through both large and small logs with ease.
    6. Cost-Effective: Log multi-blade rip saws are often more cost-effective than traditional single-blade saws, especially when you consider the increased efficiency and accuracy they offer. This can help you to save money on fuel and maintenance costs over time.
    7. Improved Safety: The multiple blades on a log multi-blade rip saw help to reduce the risk of kickback, which can be a major safety concern when using a traditional single-blade saw. This makes the log multi-blade rip saw a safer option for operators.

    Application of Log Multi Blade Rip Saw

    A log multi-blade rip saw is a powerful and versatile machine used in the woodworking industry for cutting logs into lumber. It is particularly suitable for processing large quantities of logs quickly and efficiently. The application of a log multi-blade rip saw includes:

    1. Lumber Production: The primary application of a log multi-blade rip saw is in lumber production. It is used to cut logs into boards or planks of consistent thickness. The machine can handle various types of wood, including hardwoods and softwoods, and is capable of cutting multiple boards simultaneously, increasing productivity.
    2. Timber Processing: In the construction industry, log multi-blade rip saws are used to process timber for various applications. They can cut logs into beams, posts, or other structural components required for building projects. The saw’s capacity to produce accurate and uniform cuts contributes to the quality and efficiency of timber processing.
    3. Furniture Manufacturing: Log multi-blade rip saws play a crucial role in the production of furniture components. They can cut logs into slats, panels, or other components needed for furniture manufacturing. The machine’s ability to produce straight and smooth cuts ensures the precision and consistency required in furniture production.
    4. Flooring and Paneling: The saw’s ability to cut logs into boards of consistent thickness makes it ideal for producing flooring and paneling materials. It can create uniform boards for hardwood flooring, wall paneling, or other decorative applications. The efficiency and accuracy of the log multi-blade rip saw contribute to the quality and aesthetics of the final products.
    5. Pallet and Packaging Industry: Log multi-blade rip saws are widely used in the pallet and packaging industry. They can efficiently process logs into boards or components required for pallets, crates, and packaging materials. The machine’s capacity to handle large volumes of logs and produce consistent cuts is valuable in meeting the demands of this industry.
    6. Woodworking Workshops: Log multi-blade rip saws find applications in various woodworking workshops, including custom woodworking and carpentry businesses. They enable the efficient processing of logs into lumber according to specific project requirements. The machine’s versatility and speed enhance the overall productivity and profitability of woodworking operations.

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