Sawdust Dryer Rotary Drum Drying Machine 101

Sawdust Wood Chiper Drying Machine

  • Motor power :7.5kw/11kw
  • Productivity :400-1000Kg/hour
  • Dewatering amount: 150-300kg/h
  • The Dia.of tube(mm): 400mm,950mm,1000mm
  • The temperature of the heating air:220°C/300°C
  • Raw materials : sawdust, rice husk, straw,stalk
  • Application : The sawdust drum dryer is specially designed for the drying of sawdust, small wood chips and wood residue,when producing wooden pallet block and sawdust pallets, the raw materials contain moisture and the sawdust needs to be dried.

Product Description

Rotary Drum Dryer Machine is a type of drying equipment used to reduce the moisture content of wood chips, sawdust, and other biomass materials. It is commonly used in biomass pellet and briquette production plants to improve the efficiency of biomass fuel and reduce emissions.

Sawdust Dryer Rotary Drum Drying Machine 101

Features of Wood Rotary Drum Dryer Machines

  1. High Drying Efficiency: The rotary drum dryer uses high temperature and heat air to quickly and evenly dry biomass materials . This results in improved drying efficiency and reduced drying time.
  2. Large Drying Capacity: Wood Rotary Drum Dryer Machines are designed with a large drying capacity, ranging from 0.5 to 35 tons per hour . This makes them suitable for both small-scale and large-scale biomass pellet and briquette production plants.
  3. Adjustable Moisture Content: The moisture content requirements of the dried materials can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the clients . This flexibility allows for the production of biomass fuel with different moisture content levels.
  4. Energy Efficient: Wood Rotary Drum Dryer Machines are known for their low energy consumption and high heat efficiency . The heat efficiency can reach up to 80%, which is significantly higher than other drying equipment.
  5. Easy to Maintain: These machines have a simple and robust structure, making them easy to build and maintain . This ensures smooth operation and reduces downtime in the production process.
  6. Environmentally Friendly: Wood Rotary Drum Dryer Machines are designed to minimize dust and noise during operation . They also have a special design hot air furnace that supplies clean hot air for the drying process, making them environmentally friendly.
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Drum Dryer Machine 103

Working Principle of Sawdust Rotary Drum Dryer

The hot air furnace supplies the clean hot air to the Rotary Dryer. The feeder screw sends the wet material intothe Rotary drum. When the Rotary Drum is rotating, the lifting plates inside the Rotary Drum mix the wetmaterial and hot air together sufficiently so that the wet material can be dried effectively by the hot air. Themoisture of the wet material is evaporated into water vapor. The dried materials are discharged through thedischarging hole as the product.

drum dryer machine system

Product Parameters

Motor power(kw)
7.5 kw
Machine Weight(kg)
Tube thickness(mm)
The Dia.of tube(mm)
The temperature of the heating air
Supply air rate m³/hr
Dewatering amount(kg/h)
Material moisture content
Size of the machine(mm)

Raw Material for Sawdust Drum Drying Machine

The sawdust drum drying machine can not only dry all kinds of sawdust, wood chips, and crushed waste wood, but also all kinds of materials containing wood fibers. For example, sawdust drum dryers are used to dry barley straw, oat straw, wheat straw, rye straw, rice straw, sorghum straw, and corn stalk, as well as potato vines, legume stalks, etc. Our company can optimize the drying process technology of the sawdust dryer according to the characteristics of each wood material, the size of the output, the application requirements, the cost control, and the convenience of operation.

Sawdust 600x600 1
wood chip 600x600 1

Sawdust is very common in life, and a large amount of sawdust is produced in various wood processing plants. This sawdust can be processed into various products such as sawdust compressed board and molded pallets. These sawdusts are usually dried when they are recycled. The sawdust rotary drum drying machine is specially designed for drying all kinds of sawdust.

The drum dryer is specially designed for the drying of sawdust, small wood chips and wood residue. Sawdust dryer adopts high temperature and rapid drying process, equipped with biomass fuel hot air stove, high degree of automation, and good quality of dried products. The drying system is equipped with safe fire protection devices, hot air waste heat utilization and other devices. The entire drum drying machine has large output, low cost, and safe and reliable production.

Advantages of Sawdust Drum Drying Machine

  • The drum drying machine produced by our company has a sealed structure, which can reduce heat loss and improve thermal efficiency.
  • The drum dryer has a good drying effect. Because the wood chips are highly dispersed in the airflow, the entire surface area of the particles can be in contact with the hot air.
  • The drum dryer has a simple structure, a small footprint, and is easy to install and maintain.
  • Large processing capacity and high thermal efficiency. The thermal efficiency can reach 60%.

Application of Sawdust drying Machine

1.Suitable for processing large amounts of wood chips. Because the wood chip drum dryer has a large production capacity, it is not suitable for household small output and is suitable for some wood processing plants.

2. It is suitable for granular and massive sawdust and can handle wet and poorly fluid sawdust. Usually, sawdust has a lot of impurities and high humidity, and the effect of using a drum dryer is good.

3. Some other materials similar to wood chips have good drying effects, such as chicken manure, bagasse, and some granular chemical raw materials.

4. Generally, the sawdust dryer can be used in the wooden pallet block production line and the molded wood pallet production line. When producing wooden pallet block and sawdust pallets, the raw materials contain moisture and the sawdust needs to be dried.

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