Wood pallet stringer notcher machine for sale

  • Max Groove depth 45mm
  • Max Groove width : 230mm
  • Capacity : 400-1800 pcs/h
  • Max Stringer length: 1300mm
  • Stringer thickness: 40-60 mm
  • Main motor power : 18kw /30kw
  • Application : Pallet stringer slot making machine is used for wood pallets longitudinal automatic dredging, milling slot, dual-slot open at the same time, and smooth slot with the same size. 
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Product Description

Single Head Wood Pallet Notcher 003
Single Head Wood Pallet Notcher icon 001

A single head wood pallet notcher machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the woodworking industry to notch wood pallets. It is designed to efficiently and accurately create notches or grooves in the stringers of wooden pallets, allowing for easy handling and transportation.

A single head wood pallet notcher machine is capable of both notching and chamfering. It can create precise notches in the pallet stringers, as well as chamfer the edges for smoother handling and improved safety .

These machines have minimal setup time, allowing for quick and efficient operation. This helps to maximize productivity and reduce downtime.

Single head wood pallet notchers are designed to be operated by a single person. They often feature user-friendly controls and ergonomic design elements to ensure ease of use and operator comfort.

Wood pallet stringer slot making machine is special process for wood pallet processing, which it can be fork from four directions by forklift. It becomes popular pallet type in the world. It is suitable for different notching size, and it also can be customized according to customer demands.

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Product Parameters

18kw 380v
30kw 380v
Groove size

Groove depth: less than 45mm 

Groove width: less than 230mm
Wood Board size
Max length:1300mm Height: 80-100mm can be customized
Note: The groove size(width and depth) can be adjusted and they also could be customized if yours is not in the standard range

Features of Single Head Wood Pallet Notcher Machine

1) machine heads with alloy material, with high hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent performance, thus ensuring the long-term performance of the machine.
2) the use of a continuous feed, work platform automatic discharge mode, you can also open a dual-slot, Trench smooth without rough parts, standard size, high precision, adjustable slot depth specifications;
3) reliable security guards, when workers operate completely without touching knives, quiet high;
4) product design, design ideas unique in the country.
5) its high-quality, safe, practical, efficient and a series of properties, so that more wood pallet wood factory automation to improve mechanical, completely replace the previous trough excavation work manually.

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Advantages of Wood Pallet Notcher Machine

  1. Wood Pallet Notcher Machine is a machine to make the notching in the stringer. The length, the lower depth, and the chain advance speed which drag the stringer can be adjusted. American stringer pallet slot making machine pallet notcher is suitable for the process of sandpaper/striping and grooving in the production process of American wooden pallets.
  2. Wood Pallet stringer slot making machine  is a compact, heavy-duty, and safe machine for your notching needs. The notching length is adjustable, and the max notching length is 370 mm. Continuous feeding and automatic discharging platform can double slot opened at the same time, the excavated area smooth without coarse, standard size, and high precision.
  3. Wood pallet notcher works in a longitudinal way. The cutting blade is adjustable, can easy to change cutter, and cost-effective. With a solid and simple design, American stringer pallet slot making machine pallet notcher is ready for a non-stop activity with minimum maintenance.
  4. Wood Pallet slot making machine incorporates one stringer feeder for the automatic feeding and with one stacker in the exit. Reliable safety protection device, so the workers’ operation no-touch knives with high security.

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