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Dust Collector Sweeper Machine For Short Cycle Door Press Machine

  • Max Cleaning Width:1300mm
  • Diameter of cleaning roller: 180mm
  • Diameter of feeding roller: 140mm
  • Feeding speed:3-16m/min
  • Dimension(mm):2110 x 700 x 1500
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Product Description

Dust sweeper machine is equipped with four electrostatic brush belt, with four automatic spray gun will be electrostatic water spray to the brush belt, the brush stick to the dust particles by the dust rod to beat off and blow away, can be more effective in removing the surface of the plate fine particles, can be greater to avoid the dust removal is not complete enough to produce inferior products.

This machine is a double-sided dusting machine, the upper dusting and lower dusting can be adjusted independently in height.

dust collector sweeper 001

Product Parameters

Max Cleaning Width1300mm
Diameter of cleaning roller180mm
Diameter of feeding roller140mm
Feeding speed3-16m/min
Installed Power(kw)2.2
Dimension(mm)2110 x 700 x 1500
Net weight(kg)800kg

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