Wood Drying Cabinet 001

New Type Wood Logs Timber Dry Equipment

  • Drying Capacity:10CBM-100CBM
  • Drying Room :8.5×7.5x5M
  • Axial Flow Fan :2.2kw*6 (1 spare)
  • Fuel :  including Diesel, coal, natural gas, electricity
  • Application : wood drying chamber, also referred to as a kiln or drying oven, is an enclosed space specifically designed for drying wood. It provides controlled conditions to facilitate the moisture removal process.

Product Description

Wood Drying Cabinet 001

A wood drying chamber, also referred to as a kiln or drying oven, is an enclosed space specifically designed for drying wood. It provides controlled conditions to facilitate the moisture removal process.

Wood drying chambers are constructed using insulated panels or materials to minimize heat loss and maintain temperature stability. The chamber is sealed to prevent external air from entering and affecting the drying process.
The drying chamber incorporates a heating system to raise the temperature and accelerate the drying process. Common heating sources include electric heaters, steam, hot water, or direct-fired burners. The heating system is regulated to maintain the desired temperature range.
The specific design and features of a wood drying chamber can vary depending on the size, capacity, and intended use. They can range from small-scale chambers for artisanal or hobbyist purposes to large-scale industrial chambers capable of drying significant volumes of wood.

Product Parameters

Drying Capacity
Pipe Position
Drying Oven
Drying Room
Axial Flow Fan
1.1kw*3 (1 spare)
2.2kw*3 (1 spare)
2.2kw*4 (1 spare)
2.2kw*6 (1 spare)


1,Steam drying oven specialized in timber drying.

2,Non-pressure boilers,stable and durable,simple to install,safe and easy operation.

3,Combustion-supporting,Air blow and air return can be achieved by one wind turbine.

4,Fuel including Diesel, coal, natural gas, electricity.

5,Equipped with a steam generating device,oxygen air valve,return air valve,moisture removal system.

6,The drying media can be adjusted to reducing the possibility of inside crack,ends crack,surface crack,deformation and discoloration etc.

7,Low operating cost and high thermal efficiency. Recycling system to recycling the drying room heatings,greatly reduced the fuel consumption.

8,Box inwall is Aluminium,the out wall is color steel plate and the insulating layer is rock wool.

Advantages of Wood Drying Kin

  1. Controlled Drying Environment: Kiln drying allows for precise control over temperature, relative humidity, and air velocity . This control results in faster drying times and reduces drying degrade, ensuring a more consistent moisture content compared to air-dried lumber .
  2. Faster Drying Times: Kiln drying is much faster than air drying. Depending on the species and thickness of the wood, it typically takes no more than a month or two to achieve the desired moisture content. This is significantly faster than the years it can take for wood to air dry properly.
  3. Improved Wood Quality: Kiln-dried lumber, when done properly, has very little drying degrade . The tight controls in a kiln allow for high-quality lumber production while still accelerating the moisture removal process . This results in wood that is less prone to warping, cupping, twisting, and other forms of distortion.
  4. Consistent Moisture Content: Kiln-dried lumber has a very consistent moisture content . This is important because improper moisture content can cause wood to move and change shape over time . By ensuring a consistent moisture content, kiln drying helps to minimize the risk of future warping or other dimensional changes.
  5. Pest and Bacteria Control: The elevated temperatures used in kiln drying also kill pests, larvae, eggs, bugs, and mold that may be present in the wood . This helps to eliminate any potential infestations and ensures that the wood is free from pests and bacteria .
  6. Phytosanitary Compliance: Kiln drying is essential for meeting phytosanitary requirements for trading lumber internationally and across state or county lines. It helps to isolate and prevent the spread of diseases that can affect specific wood species .

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