Pallet Foot Block Cutting Saw Machine

  • Motor Power:7.5 kw
  • Max.cut height:110mm
  • Max.cut width:300mm
  • Air consumption: Approx.100 NI/min
  • Extraction speed: Approx.30m/s
  • Application :Wood block cutting saw is used for cutting wood strips to wood block.

Product Description

A wood pallet block cutting saw is a specialized machine used for cutting wooden blocks that are commonly used in the construction of pallets. These machines are designed to efficiently and accurately cut blocks of various sizes from wood materials.


  • Automatic feeding and discharging sorting system produces maximum production efficiency.
  • Maximize the increase in production capacity, while reducing the unit cost, sorting can be completed accordingto fixed length, grade and task needs.
  • Side guide device and additional side pressure roller to ensure accurate positioning of the feed, thus ensuringthe straight angle of the sawing.
  • The discharge port is equipped with a rotatable side pressing wheel to ensure the straight angle of the sawing.

End Products

Product Parameters

Product nameWood Pallet Block Cutting Saw Machine
Saw motor performance7.5 kw
Max.cut height110mm
Max.cut width300mm
Electrical connected load22 kw
Air consumptionApprox.100 NI/min
Operating pressure Min.6 bars
Extraction speed Approx.30m/s
Extraction volume Approx.1300m/h
Dust extraction diameter125mm

Application of Wood Pallet Block Cutting Saw Machine

Wood Pallet Block Cutting Saw Machine is used for cutting wood strips to wood block. And the pallet block is used to make the wood pallet base, which is for the transportation or storage pallet. Besides, the final pallet block could get the E1 grade. While, the pallet block could be solid without hole in the center, and also could be hollow.

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