Pallet Block Machine,Pallet Feet Machine

  • Type :Single Head, Double Head, Triple-Head
  • Length and width of block :75-145mm
  • Density : 550-600kg/m³
  • Diameter of pallet hole: 18-28mm
  • Capacity:2-8m³/24h
  • Raw materials : sawdust, rice husk, straw,stalk
  • Application :  produce wood blocks for wood pallets

Product Description

What is the wood pallet block machine?

A pallet block machine, also known as a pallet block making machine or wood pallet block machine, is a specialized piece of equipment used to manufacture the wooden blocks or stringers that form the main support structure of wooden pallets.

The pallet block produced by the pallet block machine is mainly used for European pallets, which can replace the solid wood used in the traditional pallets.Pallet block is also known as pallet feet, pallet legs, pallet pier. Sawdust pallet block machine can use waste wood chips, wood shavings as raw materials, can also use a variety of straw containing wood fiber to produce wood waste pallet block. We can customize the mould of the compressed wood block machine according to the customer’s requirements of the pallet size specification.

Video of wood pallet block production line – how to efficiently make wooden blocks?

Raw materials used for the compressed wood block making machine

Raw materials: The pallet block machine typically takes wood waste materials such as sawdust, wood chips, or wood shavings as raw materials. It processes these materials by compressing them under high pressure and heat, using a combination of hydraulic pressure and steam. The pressure and heat cause the lignin in the wood fibers to bind together, forming solid blocks.

However, it should be noted that the moisture should be less than 10% when making blocks.

Parameters of compressed wood block making machine

Double Head(one head in each side)
Four Head(two heads in each side)
Six head(three heads in each side)
Glue water amount

Final products and usage of the wood pallet block

Use of pallet block: The primary use of wood pallet blocks is in the construction of wooden pallets. Pallet blocks serve as the main support structure or stringers of the pallet. They are typically positioned at the corners or along the edges of the pallet, providing strength and stability. The blocks are assembled with other components such as deck boards and nails to form a complete pallet.

What size of wood blocks can be produced?

Block size:75*75mm, 80*100mm, 80*120mm ,90*90mm ,90*140mm,100 *100mm ,100*115mm ,100*140mm ,140*140mm  etc.

Usually, It’s the common size when the size is below 100mm. And above 100mm, it’s the European standard.

Main machine list for ZZCHRYSO Automatic Wood Pallet Block Production Line

This wood pallet block production line is especially for producing blocks with a hole or without a hole, for the purpose of waste wood recycling and making a profit. Actually, the raw materials used for this automatic wood block production line are the same as the raw material for the wooden pallet processing line, so, it’s waste recycling.

Within a fully automated wood pallet block production line, there is no need for workers directly involved in operation during the whole production process from raw material to final product. All the process of the production is completed by mechanical equipment and automated systems.

The wooden blocks are produced by high temperature and high pressure. Common and European standards both are available. We can also customize to match customers’ needs.

Main Machines of Automatic Wood Pallet Block Production Line

An automatic wood pallet block production line is a complete system designed for efficiently manufacturing wood pallet blocks. It typically consists of a series of machines and equipment that automate the process of producing the blocks. The production process of this wooden pallet production line mainly includes Wood chipping machinewood crushing machinedrying machineglue mixing machinewood pallet bock machine, wood pallet block cutting machine

An automatic wood pallet block production line offers increased productivity, consistency, and cost-efficiency compared to manual production methods. It reduces labor requirements, improves block quality, and enables higher production volumes to meet market demand.

Advantages of Automatic Wood Pallet Block Production Line

The automatic wood pallet block production line offers numerous advantages that contribute to increased efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness in the manufacturing process. Here are some key advantages of using an automatic wood pallet block production line:

  1. Higher Production Capacity: An automatic wood pallet block production line is designed for large-scale production, enabling high output and increased production capacity. The automated processes and machinery allow for continuous operation, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. This is particularly beneficial for companies with high-volume production needs or those aiming to meet growing market demands.
  2. Improved Efficiency and Reduced Labor Costs: The automation of various production stages, such as raw material feeding, mixing, block forming, cutting, and stacking, significantly reduces the reliance on manual labor. Automated processes are executed with precision, speed, and consistency, resulting in faster production cycles, reduced human errors, and optimized resource utilization. This leads to improved efficiency and cost savings by minimizing labor costs.
  3. Consistent Product Quality: An automatic production line ensures consistent quality control throughout the manufacturing process. The machinery operates with high accuracy and precision, producing uniform block dimensions, excellent bonding strength, and consistent product quality. This helps to meet customer requirements and specifications consistently, reducing the risk of product failure or customer complaints.
  4. Waste Reduction and Resource Optimization: Automatic wood pallet block production lines are designed to utilize wood waste materials, such as sawdust, wood shavings, and wood chips, as the primary raw materials. By efficiently recycling wood waste into compressed wood blocks, these production lines contribute to waste reduction and resource optimization. This not only minimizes environmental impact but also helps to reduce raw material costs and supports sustainable manufacturing practices.
  5. Enhanced Safety and Worker Comfort: Automatic production lines incorporate safety features and mechanisms to protect workers from potential hazards. Machines are equipped with safety guards, emergency stop buttons, and sensors to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. By automating repetitive and physically demanding tasks, an automatic production line reduces the risk of work-related injuries and improves worker comfort and well-being.
  6. Versatility and Customization: Automatic wood pallet block production lines offer versatility and customization options. They can be configured to produce blocks of various sizes, shapes, and specifications, depending on customer requirements. The flexibility of the production line allows for easy adaptation to changing market demands and the ability to cater to a wide range of pallet block designs and dimensions.

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