round stick machine 004

This wood rod making machine is belong to wood round stick processing equipment, mainly make long strips bamboo or wood material andsquare wood into round sticks and smooth round sticks.The final produce most used to make broom handle,mop handle,shovel handleect.The machine can be customized according to your wood rod diameter from 15-120mm

Multi-head Round Stick Forming Machine: This advanced machine is capable of producing multiple round sticks simultaneously. It is ideal for high-volume production and can significantly increase output.

round stick machine 003

This Wooden Broom Handle Making Equipment|Wood Rounding Machine is mainly used for construction equipment wooden bars, round pillar, ancient, tile-roofed house building with circular beam, furniture decoration, decoration for circular timber processing.Wood round sticks making machine most used for planing square wood into round shape. Wood Rod Rounding Machine provided with heavy-duty construction, and quickly produces round rods from square stock.

Various cutters and feed rollers of this round rod milling machine is to accommodate different sizes and types of stock including:rattan, bakelite and wood. The Round wood stick making machine can make round wood stick from wood of irregular shape.the final round wood can be handle for shovel and hoe, and other instrument.This wooden handle making machine can process 30m per minuter,and process diameter of 6-40mm.
round stick machine 00201
Round wood stick molding machine is mainly used for processing the elongated wood and log core into wood stick according to the requirements.This machine is belong to wood round stick processing equipment, Mainly make long strips bamboo or wood material and round wood into bamboo and wood round sticks.
Wide materials, can process square stock and round stock embryo into round sticks, Smooth surface, the output round stick close to sanding effect, saves sanding process by changing speed.High productivity, the fastest feed can reach 18m/min, we can also design output more round sticks at one time according to customer’s need.
Round Bar Stick Polishing Machine 01

This wood round stick sanding machine tool is mainly designed for round coarse and delicate sanding on bine and wood products (also used for round organic glasses and metal material of steel tube and aluminium tube), with characteristics of good sanding quality and high efficiency.The round bar machine (the machine )can be used in a wide range of applications.The sanding machine is mainly used for sanding and turning of wooden sticks,which makes the finished round rods more smooth and easy to use.

The finished round rods with tapered tapers are easier to install on tools such as shover and hoe. The raw materials used for processing can be square or round.The raw materials can be square or round,and ther typers of round bars can be customized.(Processing 10-60mm diameter range)Daliy use of mops and tooling in the productiong of workers and peasants,as well as the decoration of circular wood for furniture decoration and decoration.The round bar machine can be used for processing wooden uneven bars,martial arts bars and other sports equipment,rolling pin ,mine pillars,stair ralilings and other round stick.

round stick threading machine 003

Automatic Wood Broom Stick Handle Head Threading Machine is used to make a screw thread on wood round rod head. This Wooden Rod Threading Machine makes it more convenient to install and screw mop, broom, shovel, farm tools, etc. It can cut all wood rod handle two sides and make the wooden round rod to be standard length to make one side to be thread(screw) and another side to being the round head.

Wood Threading Machine|Screw Thread Wood Mop Sticks Machine is with three functions,Mop Threading,Head Rounding and Uniform Head. It works automatically.We can customize the machine according to the requirements of customers.Need to make the screw according to the thread of mop which customer need.So that can make different thread by changing different screw.

Wood Stick Round Head Sharpening Machine 101

Wooden round stick dome end machine, is mainly used for processing wood broom or mop handle head end sharp or round smoothly, if you want sharp and round function just need two head, which head has one function. It is widely used in broom, mop, shovel, farm tool wood stick,etc.

The end of the finished round wood bar processed by the round bar machine needs pretreatment before it can be put into use. This machine plays a vital role. In addition to sharpening, changing the mold can also be rounded or flat-pointed. The advantages of multi-use and simple operation are praised by consumers.

Broomstick Cap Nailing Machine

Automatic Mop Handle Cap Nailing Machine is a kind of machine which is used to nail the cap into the mop handle automatically. It can improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost.Automatic Mop Handle Cap Nailing Machine is a very efficient machine. It can nail the cap into the mop handle very quickly. It can also nail the cap into the mop handle very accurately. This machine is very suitable for mass production of mop handles.

Automatic Mop Handle Cap Install and Nailing Machine are used to install mop handle caps and nail the cap.  The machine have a feeding mechanism to load mop handles and caps into the system. Mop handles could be supplied in bulk, and caps would be feeding with vibrate feeding plate. Some mop handles may require additional reinforcement through nailing. The machine might have the capability to nail the handle and cap together, providing extra stability.

Broomstick Label Machine 201

broom stick label sticking machine is a specialized piece of equipment used for automating the process of applying labels or stickers onto broom sticks. It is designed to streamline the labeling process, increase efficiency, and ensure accurate placement of labels on each broom stick.

The Automatic Broom Handle Label Sticking Machine is a versatile machine that can be used to apply labels to a variety of broom handles. The machine is easy to operate and can be adjusted to accommodate different broom handle sizes. The labeling process is also very efficient, and the machine can label a large number of broom handles in a short amount of time.

Broomstick PVC Coating Machine 201

The broom handle PVC coating machine mainly used for producing the wooden broom with PVC coated, and equipped with automatic discharging conveyor. Our machine can process 6 pcs broom handles at one time. The advanced U shape heating technology assures that the brooms are heated evenly.

The machine is mainly used for film sealing, cutting and packaging of broom handle. Put the rod that needs to be packaged into the push tray and push it in manually, then seal and cut. The suitable packaging material for this machine is PE film, which greatly saves labor costs compared with traditional manual lamination.The laminating machine uses heat shrinkage to firmly cover the PE bag on the mop rod, so that the mop has a perfect packaging effect.

Automatic Wooden Dowel Milling Machine 302
This wood dowel making machine is mainly used to process square wood into dowel rod with spiral groove on it.The machine is designed with high efficiency and easy to operate.Dowel can be made of different lumber, like beech wood, birch wood, Chinese cherry wood, rubber wood, pine wood,etc.

wood dowel cutting machine is a specialized piece of equipment used to cut wooden dowels to the desired length. Dowels are cylindrical rods typically made of wood and used in various applications, such as furniture construction, woodworking, cabinetry, and crafts. These machines automate the process of cutting dowels, allowing for precise and efficient production.

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