What Is A Laser Rust Removal Gun? How Does It Work?

What is A Laser Rust Removal Gun?

A handheld laser rust removal gun is extremely versatile. Its power range can reach 2000 w, and it is equipped with an iris, galvanometer scanning assembly, and optics. These guns are also highly versatile and can be installed on a mechanical device to automatically complete a preset motion trajectory. They feature high precision and a large range of application, and they require low technical requirements and low labor intensity.

Laser rust removal guns also feature a straight gun design that can respond to a variety of objects. In addition to their high-precision, they are lightweight, with the optics closed and shielded from the outside world.

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How Does  A Laser Rust Removal Gun Work?

Laser rust removal gun includes a gun shell, a galvanometer scanning component and an iris component. The laser generated by the laser generator is scanned by the galvanometer to form a linear light spot, which is emitted from the square light exit hole of the iris to the object to be cleaned. , the whole constitutes an optical output channel.

The adjusting diaphragm can slide along the length of the light-emitting hole on the fixed diaphragm, and then change the light-emitting length of the light-emitting hole to make it consistent with the size of the linear light spot, so as to prevent the returning light from entering the gun shell during the cleaning process.

The laser rust removal gun has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, and can process any high-reflection profiles. It can be adapted to different types of laser generators. At the same time, the contact between the optical components in the laser rust cleaning gun and the outside world is closed to avoid pollution.

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Laser Rust Removal Gun Features

  • Using a hand-held laser rust removal gun design, it can flexibly respond to various objects and angles.
  • Straight gun design: Good accessibility, compound ergonomics.
  • Lightweight design: The weight is less than 1KG, which is more conducive to long-time handheld operation.
  • Dust-proof and sealed design: Independent modular design of the optical path, sealed and dust-proof.
  • Removable dust suction port: Independent detachable dust suction port design with flexible adjustable height and angle.Standard cable with 6m length, longer is available for optional.
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Laser Rust Removal Gun Price

Laser rust removal gun is considered to be an effective laser cleaning tool for rust removal and dust removal in many people’s consciousness, but in fact, laser rust removal gun is not used alone, but an important part of laser cleaning machine. People use handheld laser rust removal gun to complete the laser cleaning work.

Laser Rust Removal Gun Cost:

Laser rust removal machines are available in a variety of configurations, and their prices depend on the number of features and capabilities they possess. Usually, a portable machine costs around $6800 while a 1500W handheld machine costs about $7,500 and a 2000W high power laser rust remover can cost up to $8,800. Obviously, a higher price will be associated with a higher power laser generator.

Application of Laser Rust Removal Gun

Laser rust removal guns, in addition to being used for handheld laser cleaning, can also be installed on moving mechanical devices (such as robots, manipulators, and CNC machines), with the mechanical device automatically completing the preset motion trajectory. Its advantages include high precision, large-scale operation, and low technical and labor requirements for operators.

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