pallet block making machine

What Is A Pallet Block Machine?

Pallet block machine is mainly used to produce various specifications of compression pallet block. Mainly with waste wood, sawdust, shavings, straw, scraps as raw materials to produce pallet block, these materials are very common in life, but also easy to get. pallet feet block machine is divided into single head pallet block machine, double heads pallet block machine, three heads pallet block machine. These three kinds of pallet block machine structure and working principle are the same, the main difference is the number of machine head mould and capacity is different.

Wood pallet block making machines can extrude biomass raw materials such as sawdust and wood shavings into solid blocks under high temperature and high pressure conditions. The finished wood blocks can be cut and used to make the feet of wooden pallets. The production process of wood pallet blocks using sawdust block machine mainly includes sawdust drying, sawdust blocks extruding, compressed blocks cutting, and so on. The size and length of the wood blocks can be customized according to customer needs.

Raw materials for making compressed wood pallet blocks

There are many raw materials used to process wooden pallet blocks, usually various waste biomass materials. Most branches, sawdust, wood processing leftovers, wood shavings, rice husks, straw, pine, hardwood, logs, etc. can be used to process wooden blocks. These raw materials need to be made into sawdust using a wood shredder before processing sawdust pallet blocks.

pallet block making machine
pallet block making machine

How Does Pallet Block Machine Work?

Wood pallet block making machine has a set of left and right symmetrical extrusion devices. The main structure of the machine includes feeding port, frame, heating plate, hydraulic cylinder, extrusion die, etc.

When the sawdust pallet block machine is working, its internal hydraulic device will push the sawdust entering from the feeding port to move forward. When the sawdust is pushed into the heating zone of the machine, the lignin in the sawdust and other biomass feedstocks is thermally decomposed and fully bonded to the molecules in the feedstock.

Therefore, sawdust blocks processed by wood pallet block making machine usually have smooth surface, high density and hardness, very wear-resistant and strong load-bearing capacity.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Wood Pallet Block Machine?

  • Efficiency: The machine can produce a large number of blocks in a short amount of time, making it more efficient than manual production methods.
  • Quality: The blocks produced by the machine are more uniform in size and shape, resulting in a higher quality product.
  • Cost: Using a wood pallet block making machine can be more cost-effective than purchasing pre-made blocks or constructing them manually.

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