wood pallet notcher machine

What Is A Pallet Notcher Machine?

Pallet block machine is mainly used to produce various specifications of compression pallet block. Mainly with waste wood, sawdust, shavings, straw, scraps as raw materials to produce pallet block, these materials are very common in life, but also easy to get. pallet feet block machine is divided into single head pallet block machine, double heads pallet block machine, three heads pallet block machine. These three kinds of pallet block machine structure and working principle are the same, the main difference is the number of machine head mould and capacity is different.

Wood pallet block making machines can extrude biomass raw materials such as sawdust and wood shavings into solid blocks under high temperature and high pressure conditions. The finished wood blocks can be cut and used to make the feet of wooden pallets. The production process of wood pallet blocks using sawdust block machine mainly includes sawdust drying, sawdust blocks extruding, compressed blocks cutting, and so on. The size and length of the wood blocks can be customized according to customer needs.

Main Features Of Wood Pallet Notcher Machine

  1. The cutter head of the notching machine is made of cemented carbide, ensuring high hardness, wear resistance, and long-term use .
  2. The slots made by the notching machine are smooth, standard in size, and highly precise. The depth of the slot can be adjusted .
wood pallet notcher machine
wood pallet notcher machine

Parameters Of Wood Pallet Notcher Machine

18kw 380v
30kw 380v
Groove size

Groove depth: less than 45mm 

Groove width: less than 230mm
Wood Board size
Max length:1300mm Height: 80-100mm can be customized

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