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What Is A Wood Pellet Machine?

Wood pellet machine is a production-type machinery that processes wood chips, such as eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruitwood, as well as agricultural crop straws, and bamboo shavings, into biomass fuel. It effectively solves the difficulties in pelletizing bio-coarse fibers and the issue of poor effectiveness. Due to the renewable nature of the raw materials, biomass pellet fuel is also known as renewable green energy and is an ideal alternative to fossil fuels such as coal.

Raw materials for making wood pellet

This wood pellet machine can uniformly compress various materials, including corn stalks, straw, rice husks, wheat straw, wheat husks, wheat bran, soybean stalks, cotton stalks, spent residues from pharmaceuticals, furfural residue, distiller’s grains, branches, leaves, wood chips, sawdust, hay, and discarded edible mushrooms, into fuel.

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How Does A Wood Pellet Machine Work?

The working principle of a wood pellet machine involves the interaction of extrusion pressure and frictional force between the die and the roller. This interaction allows the material to take shape. Wood chips, straw, and other materials contain cellulose and lignin. Lignin is a structural monomer in the material and belongs to a high molecular compound of the phenylpropane type. It enhances cell wall strength and binds cellulose fibers together. Lignin is amorphous and insoluble in any solvent at room temperature. It does not have a melting point but has a softening point.

When the temperature reaches a certain point, the softening and bonding strength of lignin increases. Under a certain pressure, the cellulose molecules rearrange, deform, and elongate, while adjacent biomass particles interlock with each other and recombine to form the shape through compression. No additives or binders need to be added during the processing of the material.

Benefits Of Using Wood Pellet Machine

  1. Conversion of Waste Materials: Wood pellet machines can transform waste materials into high-quality fuel pellets. This helps reduce environmental pollution by repurposing waste and also conserves energy resources.
  2. High Combustion Efficiency: Wood pellets produced by the machine have high combustion efficiency. They burn cleanly and generate minimal pollutants, making them environmentally friendly and reducing the impact on air quality.
  3. High Pellet Density: The pellets produced by wood pellet machines have a high density, which makes them easy to store and transport. This characteristic is particularly advantageous for industrial fuel and biomass fuel applications, where efficient storage and transportation are crucial.

Applications Of Wood Pellet Machine

Wood pellet machines can process various waste materials such as wood, straw, and wheat stalks. They find wide applications in industrial fuel, biomass fuel, and animal feed production.

In particular, in the agricultural sector, wood pellet machines are extensively used to convert waste materials like straw and wheat stalks into high-quality feed pellets, greatly improving the efficiency of animal husbandry.

Overall, wood pellet machines are highly practical equipment that can transform waste materials into high-quality pelletized fuels and feeds. They play a crucial role in environmental protection and resource conservation.

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