What Is A Wood Shaving Machine

What Is A Wood Shaving Machine?

Wood shaving machine (also named wood chipper/cutting machine) is an ideal machine, which for preparing with producing wood powder. The machine can process timber, branch and other raw materials into wood chips, with less investment and low energy consumption, high efficient, yield good economic returns .And the advantages of the machine is easy maintenance. The equipment can also be used as raw materials, which for produce edible mushrooms, shaving board, sawdust board and dense board .

The wood shaving machine is mainly used for mass production of sheet shavings with uniform thickness. It is an automatic wood shaving machine. The machine comprises a frame, a platform placed on the frame, a tool holder fixed on the platform, the wood material enters the machine from the feeding port, the blade is sliced inside the machine, the shavings are produced, the size of the shavings is uniform, the thickness is uniform, and the wood There is no difference in the hand-made shavings in the factory.

How Does Wood Shaving Machine Work?

The machine can process logs, branches (branches) and edge boards into shavings. The produced shavings are the same as the shavings produced by the furniture factory. The automatic feeding equipment greatly increases the production speed and saves time and manpower.
This wood shaving mill machine is a device for automatically pulverizing and processing wood into shavings. After the raw material enters from the feeding port, it passes through the blade and cuts into the crushing chamber. It is crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer and the cutting knife, and then the built-in wind. The wind generated by the leaves is sent out through the screen or the external fan is pumped out of the discharge port. The size of the shavings is determined by adjusting the length of the blade and the size of the screen aperture to suit different needs.
Wood Shaving Machine

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Wood-Shaving Machine?

There are many benefits to using a wood-shaving machine in your workshop.

First and foremost, this type of machine enables you to create uniform shavings from a variety of wood types, including softwoods like pine and hardwoods like oak.

In addition, by using a wood-shaving machine, you can produce shavings that are much thinner than those you would get with traditional blades or rasps. Because these fine shavings are denser than the coarse ones produced by other tools, they also burn much more efficiently in a fireplace or stove.

Finally, using a wood shaving machine is an excellent way to reduce waste in the workshop, as it will help you to turn leftover scraps into useful materials. So whether you’re looking to improve your workflow or save money on fuel costs, a wood-shaving machine has everything you need.

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