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Product overview of wood pallet machine

American Wood Pallet Nailing Machine 001

American pallet nailing machine mainly can apply for produce American stringer pallets and non-standard American pallets. American pallet nailing machine is equipped auto stacking platform, wood pallet lifting device, and flip picking device. So pallet nailing machine for non-standard American pallet is with high degree automation, smooth close process, complete nailing, and stacking in one time.

American pallet nailing machine can produce stringer pallet, American pallet, and non-standard American pallet. It adopts a full automatic system, PLC control, simple touch screen operation, accurate pinning position with high efficiency. The capacity is 100-200 pcs/h, need 2-4 workers to operate.

European Wood Pallet Nailing Machine 001

European pallet nailing machine mainly can apply for produce Euro block pallets and non-standard European block pallets. European wooden pallet nailing machine is also available, and the one-stop solution of pallet nailing, stacking, and production.

European pallet nailing machine adopts a fully automatic program, and the operating system adopts imported PLC control, the touch screen is simple to operate, with convenient control, and accurate nailing position. Auto pallet nailing machine is with multiple processes are completed at one time, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

Double Head Pallet Block Machine 208

Wood pallet block machine is used the wood waste, wood sawdust, and wood shavings, to make the pressed wood pallet blocks. The final products are pressed wood pallet blocks with a smooth surface and excellent waterproof quality, and they could be soaked in water for 48 hours without cracking, which is a replacement product used in European pallet.

Pallet block machine is used to produce wood blocks for wood pallets, also called compressed wood block making machine. Pallet block making machine mainly includes three types of specifications: single-head pallet block machine, double-head wood pallet block machine, and triple-head hot press wood pallet block making machine.

Compressed Wood Pallet Machine 302

The compressed wood pallet press machine is a piece of industrial equipment specialized in processing various hot-pressed wooden pallets. This hydraulic wooden pallet press machine can make sawdust and rice husks of various sizes into wood pallets with high density and hardness by heating and pressing. And by changing different molds, the wood pallet machine can produce wood pallets of different specifications, sizes, and shapes.

Compressed wood pallet is very environmentally friendly and can promote the recycling and reuse of resources.In addition, compressed wooden pallets also have the advantages of being lightweight, wear-resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, waterproof, and easy to recycle.

Matching Equipment

Automatic Wood Block Pallet Feet Nailing Machine 002

The automatic wood pallet block nailing machine is an important equipment in the European wooden pallet production line. It connects wood board and pallet blocks together. Put the cut wood and pallet legs on the automatic pallet leg nailing machine, the wooden pallet legs nailing machine can automatically connect the board and the pallet legs.

The wooden pallet nailing machine is mainly composed of two parts, one is the feeding part, and the other is the nailing part. The machine has high production efficiency, and only one worker can operate it, saving labor costs.

Wood Pallet Notcher Machine 203

Wood pallet stringer notching machine is mainly used for wooden pallets and it has a great quality and high efficiency. wood pallet grooving machine is a kind of special requirements in the production of wooden pallets. Also known as the “American wood pallets”, this wood pallet grooving machine is for wood pallets longitudinal automatic dredging, milling slot, dual slot open at the same time, and smooth slot with the same size.

Wood pallet stringer notching machine is special process for wood pallet processing, which it can be fork from four directions by forklift. It becomes popular pallet type in the world. It is suitable for different notching size, and it also can be customized according to customer demands.

Pallet Deck Board Chamfer Machine 202

Wood Pallet Deck Board Chamfer Machine

Pallet deck board chamfer machine is used to chamfering the bottom stringer with small edge, and make the lift fork can hold the wood pallet easily.

Before nailing the pallet, the wood chamfer is required to chamfer the edges of the bottom rail of the wooden pallet. Chamfered wooden pallets can be easily supported by forklift forks to prevent damage to pallets due to forklift operation. This pallet deck board chamfer machine is mainly used for chamfering solid wood, which can prolong the service life of wood pallet.

pallet block cutting machine 301 1

The automatic pallet block cutting machine is mainly used for cutting wood blocks and can be used in the pallet block production line. In the production process of the pallet feet, the long pallet block needs to be cut, and the automatic pallet block cutting saw can cut the wood block into a uniform thickness. The worker only needs to put the pallet block strip on the table of the pallet block cutting saw, and the machine will cut it automatically.

The pallet block cutting sawing is relatively accurate, the cutting surface is completely vertical, the intersecting surface is smooth, and there is no excess leftover material.Fast working speed, 1800 pieces/hour cutting speed, can work continuously for 24 hours.

Drum Wood Chipper 202

Drum wood chipper is the best equipment for preparing material for molded wood pallet and pallet block production.Drum wood chipping machine has the advantages of wide application, diversified raw materials, good quality wood chips, safe and reliable, and high production efficiency.

Wood materials enter the chipper cavity through the conveyor system and the feeding port. Wood materials are chipped into wood chips under the shearing stress of the high-speed rotating flying knives and the bed knife installed on the machine base. The qualified chips pass through the screen holes below the knife roll and are discharged through the discharging port. A little larger wood chips, which cannot pass through the screen holes, continue to be chipped again.

wood crusher machine 301

Wood crusher, also called wood crushing machine, is the ideal equipment for producing various types of wood products. Wood pallets and compressed wood pallet production line also need wood crusher. Wood crushing machine is used in a wide variety of applications for recycling wood waste, to preparing wood for presswood pallet.

Wood crusher is the perfect equipment for pressed wood pallet production line, and is widely used in paper plants, particle board plants, fiber broad plants, wood processing plant, wood working industry.

Rotary wood sawdust dryer machine 104

wood chips/sawdust rotary dryer is a type of drying machine specifically designed for drying sawdust or other biomass materials. It utilizes a rotor system to efficiently and effectively dry the material.

In the sawdust drying process, sawdust is fed through a conveyor belt into a rotating drum. The rotor dryer is equipped with a heat source, such as a the heat conduction oil furnace, which provides the necessary heat for drying the sawdust . As the drum rotates, the sawdust is continuously thrown, moved up and down, and rotated. This process evaporates the moisture from the wood chips. The hot air, filled with moisture, is exhausted through the exhaust system.

Wood Sawdust Glue Mixer Machine 201

The glue mixer machine is a machine developed by our factory for the production of environmentally friendly compressed wood pallets. It plays an important role in the wood pallet production line. The proportion and uniformity of the mixed glue directly determine the quality of the pallet. The structure of the glue mixer machine is relatively simple, and the production process is not complicated.

Inside the machine, there is a shaft with blades that rotates in a cylindrical or grooved container. The shaft is connected to a variable speed motor, allowing the speed of the shaft to be adjusted. By adjusting the motor speed based on the size of the sawdust particles and the amount of glue, the glue and sawdust can be mixed more evenly.

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