Automatic Wooden Dowel Milling Machine 201

Automatic Wood Dowel Making Machine

  • Processing diameter :6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm
  • Feeding speed : 2.5m/min
  • Spindle velocity : 3250r/min
  • Main motor : 0.75kw
  • Application : This wooden dowel making machine is mainly used for processing with spiral lines of wooden round rod, is indispensable to board type furniture production line equipment.
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Product Description

A wood dowel making machine is a specialized piece of equipment used to produce wooden dowels. Dowels are cylindrical rods typically made of wood and used in various applications, such as furniture construction, woodworking, cabinetry, and crafts. These machines automate the process of creating dowels, saving time and effort compared to manual dowel-making methods.

Wood dowel making machines offer a reliable and efficient way to produce dowels with consistent dimensions and quality. They are widely used in industries such as furniture manufacturing, woodworking, and crafts, where dowels are essential components. By automating the dowel-making process, these machines save time, improve productivity, and ensure uniform dowel production.

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Finnal Product:

Wooden Dowel

Product Parameters

Parameters Of Wood Dowel Making Machine

Spindle rotation3250r/min

Parameters Of Wood Dowel Cutting Machine

Truncating diameter6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm
Truncating length30-80mm

Detailed Photos

automatic dowel making machine 005
automatic dowel making machine 004
automatic dowel making machine 002

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