Rotary wood sawdust dryer machine

  • Productivity:1500-2000 Kg/hour
  • Motor power:4 kw
  • Rotor speed:0.8-2.4 r/min
  • Thermal medium: steam,thermal oil
  • Medium operating temperature :150-180℃
  • Application: wood sawdust rotary dryer machine is mainly used for drying sawdust, crushed material and some small wood particles, baked out of the material.
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Product Description

A woodchips/sawdust rotary dryer is a type of drying machine specifically designed for drying sawdust or other biomass materials. It utilizes a rotor system to efficiently and effectively dry the material.

Working Principle of woodchips/sawdust rotary dryer:

  1. Material Feeding: Sawdust or biomass materials are fed into the rotor dryer through a feeding mechanism .
  2. Drying Chamber: The drying chamber contains the rotor system, which consists of rotating blades or paddles. The rotor rotates at a high speed, creating turbulence and agitation within the drying chamber .
  3. Heat Source: The rotor dryer is equipped with a heat source, such as a the heat conduction oil furnace, which provides the necessary heat for drying the sawdust .
  4. Drying Process: As the rotor rotates, the sawdust is continuously lifted and dispersed by the blades or paddles. This movement exposes the sawdust to the hot air, promoting evaporation of moisture from the material .
  5. Moisture Removal: The hot air carries away the moisture evaporated from the sawdust, and it is expelled from the drying chamber through an exhaust system .
  6. Discharge: Once the sawdust reaches the desired moisture content.

Product Parameters

Productivity (Kg/hour) 1500-2000
Motor power (kw)4 kw
Machine Weight (kg)8000
Rotor speed0.8-2.4 r/min
Raw material feedingoptional (wind transport)
Thermal mediumsteam, thermal oil
Thermal medium size2 cubic
Medium operating temperature150-180℃
Material moisture content20%
Size of the machine (mm)1700*10000*2700

Product Diplay

Advantages of woodchips/Sawdust Rotor Dryer

  • Efficient and rapid drying of sawdust or biomass materials.
  • Uniform drying due to the agitation and turbulence created by the rotor system.
  • High heat transfer efficiency, resulting in reduced drying time.
  • Adjustable drying parameters to achieve the desired moisture content.
  • Can handle a wide range of biomass materials, including sawdust, wood chips, and agricultural residues

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