Wood Stick Round Head Sharpening Machine 201

 Rod Stick End Rounding Sharpening Machine

  • Processing diameter :20-40mm
  • Screw-pitch thread journey : 80mm
  • Motor Power : 1.5kw
  • Machine Weight : 150kg
  • Application :Wood stick round head sharpening machine is used for sharpening the end of the stick
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Product Description

Wood Stick Round Head Sharpening Machine /Broomstick Round Dome Machine

The end of the finished round wood bar processed by the round bar machine needs pretreatment before it can be put into use. This machine plays a vital role. In addition to sharpening, changing the mold can also be rounded or flat-pointed. The advantages of multi-use and simple operation are praised by consumers.

Wood Stick Round Head Sharpening Machine 201

Finnal Product:

Automatic Wooden Broom Round Stick

Product Parameters

DescriptionWood Stick Round Head Sharpening Machine

Milling Cutter Power

Cutting Diameter20-40mm
Spindle Speed5000r/min




Whole Production Line

Fully automatic production line for pvc coated broomsticks

Fully automatic production line for pvc coated broomsticks01

Fully automatic production line for natural finished broomsticks

Fully automatic production line for natural finished broomsticks 01

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The round bar threading machine is one type multi-functional machine, and it has functionsof opening teeth, sizing and
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